Monday, September 28, 2009

beyonce clown. youtube it.

I never manage to get enough sleep the night before a travel day.

And I always manage to spend way too much time at airports on travel days.

And then I always seem to get hotels charging me TRIPLE THE AMOUNT I SHOULD PAY when I check out.

Okay, so maybe that only happened today.

I have been warned about using such strong language like always and never. Instead I should use more feeling words like, I feel like hotels sometimes charge me TRIPLE THE AMOUNT I SHOULD PAY.

Because they do.

Or they did today, anyway.

Or as my friend Anthony would say when referring to some sort of nefarious behavior, They tried it.

But, would you like to know what was making the cast of A Chorus Line laugh through this travel day? Would you like to know why we were walking through the airport, dancing badly and humming Single Ladies?

Of course you would.

I hope she's gotten over her headache by now.

And thrown away that freakish mask.

And you need to watch it at least twice.

And then dance badly while humming Single Ladies through your nearby airport.


Mandy and Jack said...

Today we were having a concept video for a video I'm building to promote a product we'll be selling soon (it's a study guide for the Old Testament), and somebody asked "What kind of video do we want this to be?" and somebody jokingly replied "a music video," which turned into an Old Testament/Beyonce brainstorm... "All the minor prophets! (All the minor prophets.) All the minor prophets! (All the minor prophets.)"

Ahhh, dorky Christian humor. Can't do better than that.

Mandy and Jack said...

And by "concept video," I of course meant "concept meeting."

And the Beyonce Clown is quite disturbing.

jason said...

I laughed out loud when she hit her head. Wonderful.

christine said...

That was hilarious!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

I wasn't in the loop, and I haven't seen it! I'm going straight to you tube this am!

kathiek said...

My friend Janice told me about it. Somehow, I was thinking Beyonce Clown didn't hit her head too hard, until Janice posted the video and I watched it...OUCH! I think I may have yelled a little when she did it! Crazy!

merry said...

right after you texted me I watched it twice in a row and laughed so loud and hard. Then when we were snuggled up in bed I started laughing again.