Monday, July 6, 2009

last night

We got up this morning and went, went, went, not stopping until...well, now, I suppose.

See Drew has all sorts of ideas.

His latest was hosting a Mexican feast for our family tonight.

Our family of twenty-one people.

Now neither of us are particularly seasoned, so to speak, in the kitchen--but that fact didn't occur to him. At least not until I mentioned the sentiment this morning and he simply shrugged it off.

So I did too.

And the most fun part of the prepping?

Mashing up the avocados to make the guacamole. It made me actually happy; happy to look at the bright green color and decide that I agree with God's choice for that particular fruit and happy to squish it between my fingers.

Drew was busy browning 10 lbs of beef while juggling the rice and the refried beans.

And we were both parrying our cats with the spare hand that we didn't have.

Oh, I also gathered some of my clothes together to give away to my nieces and sisters-in-law. It's not that I don't like them (ah, them being the clothes); quite the opposite, in fact. It's just that I have so many that I am trying to get rid of excess stuff. So I was ruthless today: if I hadn't worn something in a while, then it was put in the Up For Grabs Pile and that was that.

Almost everything was taken, too, and I am going to enjoy seeing my clothes on all these people that I love.

My four year old nephew Eli, however was nonplussed as he looked through it all.

Do you have any boy's clothes? He asked in his husky little voice.

Sorry little buddy, I replied, I don't because they're all my clothes that I am giving away.

With his voice raising a little higher, he said, Well then--can you buy some?!?!

Guess I owe the little guy an outfit.

He did, however, get the mask that I wore when I was Robin Girl for halloween last year, so it's not like he went away empty handed or anything.

Last night at home for a bit.


Not so bad this time, though. I will be gone just shy of two weeks, am only going to be in one city, have only packed one suitcase, and will be staying with the trusty Alliance. My ribs aren't feeling great, but they are certainly better than they were. I am trusting that they will keep improving and I will be back to touching-my-foot-to-the-back-of-my-head again in no time.

Well maybe, like, a little time.

But hopefully not too much...


Emily said...

I love a good family feast. dan, also, is a big fan of hosting everyone, regardless of how prepared we might be. And it's always a good time!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Gotta give the boys credit for it, I guess!!!

Mama Bear said...

DON"T FORGET YOUR MAKEUP! Ok, that said... glad you got some good family mexican fiesta time and that you will only be gone for 2 weeks this time!

Jessica Latshaw said...


I TOTALLY deserve that! And humbly thank you for it, as well...fingers crossed that the makeup makes it with me this time!!!

kathiek said...

You should be okay as long as the makeup didn't accidently make its way into the up-for-grabs pile!

I love everything about the avocado: color, texture, ease of pit and peel removal, taste...but did you know the avocado is actually a fruit?!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Noted and corrected--thanks! And I should have listened to my gut on that one; I had some definite hesitation as I typed that it was a vegetable. From henceforth it will go in the same category as a tomato: Fruit That Doesnt Taste Like Fruit, IMHO:-)

sherri said...

Hope your ribs heal quickly- and I'm gonna work on touching my foot to the back of my head too!

Mom said...

It was a FEAST! One of the BEST meals I've ever had! Good job, Jess & Drew! Thanks! You did VERY well!

Jessica Latshaw said...

YOu and me both, Sherri!!!

And mom--it was so fun having everyone over and feeding you guys-must have been nice for you to be on the receiving end for ONCE, huh?!?!