Tuesday, July 21, 2009

new puppy and new habit

Please welcome the newest addition to the Latshaw family.

Meet Arwen.
She's fawn colored with hints of red and brown and her ears look as though they have been dipped in ink.
She has dark smudges under her eyes that makes her appear to not take as many naps as she does.
She has quite the bit of mischief in her. Already, she has jumped out my mom's car window, jumped off the deck with her leash on and would have strangled herself had my mom and brother not been there to rescue her, and jumped into the middle of the deepest part of my parents' creek.

She is, in short, a doozy.

But the sweetest, fuzziest, most adorable doozy there is.
And no, Taliesin is not new.
But he has picked up a new habit while I was away.

A very very bad new habit.

Yesterday I was using our downstairs bathroom, you know, attending to business, when Tally casually walks in. He jumps up and into the sink, and starts circling around in it. I know, first red flag.

He pauses, after apparently finding the perfect spot, but in my ignorance I just assume that he is simply standing in the sink. I start to talk to him, and this is when the second red flag goes up.

Because, see, he doesn't make eye contact with me.

Animals, much like humans, like privacy when nature calls, so thinking that he surely couldn't be avoiding my eyes for that reason, I try again.

No dice.

The cat will not look at me, though I am right smack in front of him. I peer a little closer, hoping for some other explanation.

But sure enough, he is peeing in the bathroom sink.

Drew! I call, Get in here quick!!!

In disbelief Drew and I both watch our very naughty cat finish peeing in our lovely sink, try to scrape some imaginary kitty litter over it, and then hop off the sink and go his merry way. As if what he had just done was perfectly fine. As if his kitty litter was merely a suggestion and not, in fact, mandatory.

Needless to say that bathroom door is now staying firmly shut.


kathiek said...

Arwen is so cute! Reading your description of her antics makes me wonder if she will give your mom as much trouble in obedience classes as Strider did.

Maybe Tally figures he can potty in the bathroom since you are? The sink resembles a toilet...sort of...

Crazy animals! :-]

James Ricardo The Actor said...

The new puppy is awesome, and I miss seeing that face from Conn. That cat is like you go in here, so I'm going to too. He is just trying to be like his parents. Very smart kitty cat. LOL..I Love It. How are you going to break him of that?

Karenkool said...

Cute puppy. Seems like everyone I know is getting a new puppy. Bad kitty. Can you train it to go in the toilet instead?

Mandy and Jack said...

Such a cute new puppy!!!

And at least it's in the sink - we are occasionally surprised by a big wet spot on the BED. Ew.

Jessica Latshaw said...

KK--yes, she gives my mom a run for her money, but is truly very sweet. Just adventurous;-)

JR--in Tally's defense, my own sweet husband has admitted to not being as diligent as he should in keeping the litter box clean. Cats HATE going in dirty boxes, thus, the switch to the sink. We are going to redouble our efforts in keeping the box clean AND keep the bathroom door closed and hopefully that will do the trick. HOPEFULLY!!!

Karen--I wish!!!!!

Mandy--yes, I suppose I should be grateful that he goes in the sink! That wet spot in the bed must be a pretty rude awakening!