Tuesday, July 7, 2009

back and right now happy to be so

I really do enjoy the opening night parties.

And tonight's was a doozy. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and I guess the parties fall under that category too.

A lamborghini and ferrari salesman here in Dallas is an apparent lover of theater as well, since he hosts all the touring shows that come through. Um, in his mansion.


Stacked on the winding staircase in the entryway of the house were gift bags in varying bright colors. They gave us all gift bags. And among some of the articles within these bags are snacks. Which works out perfectly for me since I happen to be a big fan of snacks. And this is in addition to the vase and huge bouquet of flowers that are gracing each of our dressing stations, as well as a card to welcome us.

And that's not all, though it would certainly be more than enough. They are also catering all of the meals that fall between double show days.

Golden, folks; this is golden.

Southern hospitality is doing just fine here in Dallas, I can assure you.

But while Southern hospitality is doing just fine, I am feeling exhausted. Blitzed, as my mom would say. I am almost too tired to tell you that my favorite part of the party was the amazingly talented pianist who was kind enough to sit back for a second and let me play and then when I gave him back his seat he asked me what I knew and so he and I together filled the room with some Beatles, James Taylor, and Sarah MaClachlan.

I sang, and boy can he play those keys.

I am also almost just too tired to let you know that the show went really well tonight; that having a week off seemed to give it a shot in the arm and that I truly enjoyed playing Kristine.

Minus the stabbing pains every time I took a deep breath.

And I am almost too tired to say that, despite my ribs being what they are right now, the rest of my body feels great and I sort of wouldn't mind taking a week off every week.

Or at least every other week, since it is my job after all and so I should probably you know, do it.


peaj said...

I love reading your stuff in the morning because it almost always makes me smile and even sometimes laugh. Except, of course, when it isn't meant to.

Love your writing style.

James Ricardo The Actor said...

Dallas has been amazing thus far. I'm very comforted by the fact that we have two weeks of shows, then, three weeks off! But what better of a place to be back to work, after a week off, and body feels great. Also, with amazing Dallas Promoters to make you smile and feel great inside. YAY FOR US!

kathiek said...

Wow...glad you had such a wonderful welcome, Jess!

Jessica Latshaw said...

thank you so much, PJ; means a lot;-)

JR--Exactly. And with our pool, too, this place is just great!

KK--So I am!

Michele said...

God bless that wonderful salesman! Way to share the love!