Thursday, July 9, 2009

only in texas

Okay, so every day on my way to the theater I pass by a sign sporting this word...And it makes me smile.

Every time.

What kind of word is Texarkana anyway?

A great one, I can tell you that.

*I apologize for the google image I have to display; I went to take a picture of it myself today and realized it's time for my camera to be charged*

And this prize of a magazine is currently being offered as prime reading material in my hotel.
There's nowhere quite like Tejas, I think.


Nina said...

Garden & Gun???!!! That is fantastic. I think you've made my day -- and it's only 7 a.m.!

peaj said...

Texarkana! Smokey and the Bandit land!

From Wikipedia:
"While the meaning of the name is clear – a portmanteau of Texas and Arkansas, it must be noted that Louisiana represents the ANA in (TEX ARK ANA) – the actual origin is that when surveyors first surveyed the land they thought that the city would also be on the border of Louisiana."

kathiek said...

Well, learn something new every day...I didn't know the "ana" in Texarkana referred to Louisiana.

I think I actually have relatives in all 3 of those states.

Betsy said...

I've been looking for that magazine everywhere up here... and I'm totally not joking!! I heard it was like a vanity fair of the south... miss you!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Bets--that's hilarious! I am gonna try to nab one for you!!!!

kelley said...

LOL, this is very true. no place like texas. have you ever been to austin? it is AMAZING. so far removed from the rest of the state, it seems. it's basically a hippie colony of great food, music, shopping, and just good energy.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Yes--kelley--I love Austin! I got to spend about a month there with will Rogers follies and couldn't get over the amazing live music that was in every hole in the wall bar and around every corner--wish we were going therebwith ACL!

sherri said...


Jessica Latshaw said...

well, first they'll plant you a garden...and then they'll shoot ya!!!!

Mandy and Jack said...


Well, I've never actually seen a "Garden & Gun" magazine before. But yeah, we're an odd bunch down here.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Come on now, admit it--you're a regular subscriber of Garden & Gun! ;-)

Mandy and Jack said...

You got me. I do love me some firearms and flowers!

Jessica Latshaw said... we all do!!!!!!!!