Friday, July 3, 2009

In the back of my mind

The concept of time is strange. Confusing. Disappointing, even, in the way it always seems to speed up right when you're good and ready for a slow pace.

I wouldn't mind so much if time had gone by a little slower this week. Already, it's time to go home and I had been fixing my heart on this beach trip for a while now.

Oh well.

Drew always tucks something to look forward to in the back of his mind. Some might say that takes away from living fully in the present, but others might say it aids mightily in the whole process of fostering hope.

Now that this is no longer The Thing To Which I Look Forward, I suppose I should find something else...would it be too predictable for me to say it's the next time I get to come home? Would you rather me take a page out of someone else's adventure book and say that it's my forthcoming trip to Japan? Or maybe our almost positively forthcoming move to New York City? Because those things are exciting, yes, but I much prefer an adventure of the heart and that takes place best when I am home, I think.

It takes place best when I am with Drew, I know.

Not that I don't have some growing to do by myself. Or with roommates who unintentionaly say some off the cuff remark that makes me break down and cry at three am, leaving me vulnerable and glaringly aware of the fact that I am the only female in the house and my
sensitivity is as much a blessing as a curse sometimes.

Ah, people.
They manage to bring out the very best and very worst in us, don't they?

But all this to say that I am very much looking forward to my next trip home.

And to my ribs not hurting so much, because to be perfectly frank, they still do hurt. Especially when I play "monster" with my nieces and nephews and get jumped on as they courageously try to save whoever their fallen cousin in arms happens to be at the moment...but still, I'm smiling as I write this, they are that adorable and amazing.

Is there anything you're looking forward to that is tucked away in the back of your mind?


Mama Bear said...

We have a beach trip for the end of August. It will be our first vacation as a family of 4 and we are staying on the beach in Nags Head. I can't wait!

And I am so happy to hear that the game of "Monster" has been passed onto the next generation. I loved playing monster especially when Jason or Josh would consent to being the "Monster" for us. So many happy memories of rescuing you in the basement from the "Monster"!!!

Michele said...

You're moving to NY??? Details please :) I'm not sure what I'm looking forward to...

kathiek said...

I am looking forward, in faith, to the day my son wakes up from his self-inflicted nightmare and truly begins to live.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Yes, Jamie--Monster certainly lives on! Your trip sounds like it will be lovely!

Michele--I would be sooo happy to talk to you about it whenever you'd like;-)

KK--praying...hoping with you, too...