Sunday, March 1, 2009

you really need me to explain it to you?

   This is just a short post...

    Getting up super early in the morning to get myself to Atlanta.

    Um, a really cold and snowy Atlanta, from what I hear.

    But while reading the few comments on broadway secrets in response to the postcard that I wrote about in this post, one of them made me start to laugh.

    It was in reference to me "singing" while playing Kristine--

   "When I saw the tour when it came near me, the people behind me were like, "She's terrible! How did she ever get cast in a MUSICAL?!"

   That is so funny to me; I guess I am really doing my job.

   And don't worry, the commenter was actually saying some very nice things--they simply couldn't believe some people in the audience  just didn't get it. 

   Maybe they think I lip-sync throughout the rest of the show or something! ;-)


beingawesome said...

i'm just happy that there haven't really been any bad comments on there.

Those people on that blog can be ridiculously evil in their comments.

kathiek said...

Jess, that is so funny...that person really didn't get it, did they?! Good job, girl!

jason said...

Can someone post a link directly to the story that mentions Jessica? I can't follow the link in your post, and can't figure out a fast way to get to post 26 from the homepage of broadwaysecrets.

PS. And yes, from what I've read they are so cruel and catty! Especially about the people from Wicked.

PPS. I can't believe there is a whole song in Shrek about burps and farts. jessica, I'm so glad you're not in that show. I saw a clip of it and I was embarrassed for humanity.

Jessica Latshaw said...

hope that works.

And yes, I saw them perform that song you mentioned live on the View and I, too, was embarrassed for them!

Who wants to listen to that?!

Jessica Latshaw said...

p.s. I think I fixed it so the original link should work now;-)

jason said...

that only takes me to post 148. I want your post!!!

I watched it and was reminded why I just do not like Shrek at all. It's everything I hate about bad kid's movies.

Jessica Latshaw said...

No--just scroll down--the wicked one is actually number one; you'll see mine as number 26

Jessica Latshaw said...

oops, I mean the Sutton Foster/Fiona one--saw the green and just assumed Wicked. My bad.

peaj said...

Very nice, Jess!

Here is a link to the comments:

merry said...

I really thought sutton foster was great in Little Women and I also liked her bit part on Flight of the Conchords. I think it is weird that she chose to do Shrek. I wonder why she did?

Jessica Latshaw said...

I think the allure of originating a principal role on Broadway is pretty strong (not that this was her first one, but still). Plus, the creative team for Shrek was really a dream team with a good amount of success in prior shows.

Also, Shrek the Movie was a HUGE box office hit--and Dreamworks was probably pretty sure of capitalizing on that for their transition to the stage.

I bet there are some great things about the show (though I haven't seen it), but that one aforementioned song is just plain embarrassing.

Tiffany said...

Oh dear.

Looking back, I recall the first thing I ever said to you was:

"Can you really sing?"

I guess I sounded really stupid... ;-)

Jessica Latshaw said...

And p.s. Tif, I have NEVER heard you sound stupid.

Ain't no thang at all, my dear;-)