Monday, March 16, 2009

look hon, I cleaned!

I am not home very much.

In fact, one of the last few times I was home for a visit one of our neighbors saw me and, in a surprised manner, announced, Oh--so you didn't move away, then!

Nope. Or at least not in a permanent, I'm-mad-at-Drew kind of way.

But since I am away so often as to make the neighbors assume that I just up and left for good, I don't get to help much in the way of domestic support.

Let's face it, as amazing as Skype is, you still can't use it to wash some dirty dishes in Delaware when you are, in fact, in Florida. Or California. Or Japan.

Maybe someday.
I mean at one point people thought walking on the moon and squeezing cheese out of a canister sounded preposterous also.

I am pretty sure that the human race has as of yet still not accomplished those two feats simultaneously, but we'll keep dreaming big. Besides, even both those things on their own is nothing short of incredible.

Especially the cheese. But I digress.

So while home I decided to give Drew a hand and clean up the kitchen. Now this was a true sacrifice on my part since Drew seems to eat salsa on about 99% of his meals. Oh, and I hate salsa. So pretty much every dish in the sink had some variation of salsa encrusted onto it.


It literally turned my stomach.

But I started composing some lyrics in my head and got to work on the dishes, trying my best to ignore the salsa displayed before me in differing forms of decay. I soaked and scrubbed and rinsed and loaded. One final step to go, I grabbed the dish washing detergent, poured some in the appropriate area in the dishwasher, turned the knobs to smart wash--because really, who wants to wash in a way that isn't smart? why do they even have other options?--and slammed the door shut.

Happy to basically be finished my task, I went over to my piano and got lost in the world of song writing.

Until I happened to glance over my shoulder and see this.

Oops. Yeah, I guess I poured too much detergent.

The nice thing is that the floors are now pretty spic and span, too, and I wasn't even going to do the floors.


I got home and heard something different, something that reminded me of a nature store, something tinkling. Drew was so excited to show me...
Yes, it is one of those tacky fountains complete with stones and tiered, flowing water that costs about $15 on sale at Happy Harry's Drug Store. See, we might very well have two of the snobbiest cats in the world when it comes to their preferred drinking water. They like fresh, flowing water--specifically from a faucet.

They detest the water in their bowls and barely touch the stuff.

Like most parents, we ascribed to the when they get thirsty enough, they'll drink it theory, but Drew saw this fountain and knew the cats would love it.

He was right. Gone is their old-fashioned water bowl with the paw prints on the side and stale, stagnant water within. Now they are delighted to drink from their freshly pumped and free flowing fountain. And bat at the water after their thirst has been quenched. And who knows? Maybe even heat those stones up for a rejuvenating hot stone massage.

I wouldn't put it past them.

They. Are. Spoiled.
And speaking of our cats, one frequently gets stepped on and really, can you blame us?

Poor Taliesin even has stripes that look like the wood grain pattern. I guess it's good for that moment right before the pounce, though.

And the heated stones would come in handy after getting stepped on, too.


kathiek said...

I can't recall the dishwasher ever flooding my kitchen, but once, when we still lived in Newark, the washing machine wouldn't stop filling up. It flooded the utility room (linoleum floor), 1/3 of the family room (carpeted floor), and seeped down into the crawl space (plastic over carpet remnants over dirt). it was a mess to clean up! We had huge fans going in the family room and in the crawl space, to help dry out the floors after we cleaned up as much as possible. After a while, I forgot about the fan in the crawl space and I got freaked out because I kept hearing this persistent, but faint, noise and I couldn't figure out where it was coming from! :-D

Jessica Latshaw said...

whoa, kathie--at most, that sound would have sent me packing and at the least, would have freaked me out!!!

peaj said...

If I saw that the dishwasher were overflowing, I don't think that my first impulse would be to pick up a camera and take a shot.

You have the impulses of a true blogger. :-)

Mom said...

Oh, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't tell our cats & dog about the fountain! You know they'd want it too.

jessica said...

Peaj--I waited to clean it up until all the soap suds were out, which gave me a while--plenty of time to snap a pic;-) but it is true; I always have my camera with me...just in case...

Mom--your cats would LOVE the fountain but Strider might try to eat the rocks!

merry said...

My cats need the fountain so that Fiona will stop doing WHATEVER it takes to get some from the faucet. This includes sitting in the sink,jumping in the tub,opening the door when you are on the toilet and turning the faucet on herself. She apparently doesn't want to learn how to turn the faucet off. Figgy Pudding is even more spoiled...he must have it from my HAND from the faucet. Mike detests this. I think it is funny.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Merry--go pick one up at your nearby drug store--your cats will LOVE it;-)

Pop said...

Jess, would it be mean to note that your orange cat gets stepped on not only because he is colored like your floor, but that he...uhm...takes up so much of it?

Jessica Latshaw said...

Nope-I think that would be apt to say!

He also like to plop his large self down right in the middle of all the action...

Karenkool said...

My kids put hand dishwashing soap in the dishwasher once and it overflowed like that. They thought it was so funny that while we went out they did it again, only this time they video taped it and played slip and slide all through the kitchen. Then they got the shop vac out to clean up, only they failed to change out the filter to wet vac and burned out the motor. It's all on video, if you ever want to see it!!! Damn kids.

Michele said...

Jess, are you sure it was dishwasher soap, not just dish soap? haha

Jessica Latshaw said...

Karen--I have done that with the dishwashing soap, also, and successfully flooded the kitchen in mine and Drew's first apartment. I wish I had had the bright idea of a slip and slide that your kids did--Drew would have LOVED that.

And Michele--like I just said, I HAVE done that, but this time I even showed Drew what I used and it really was for the dishwasher, promise--just ask him if you don't believe me!