Friday, March 20, 2009

ah, thanks for the photo...

Yes, I realize that I am not the woman, not the baby, not the seal, and not the man.

Oh, and I don't personally know the woman, the baby, the seal, or the man.

Though I'd kind of like to get to know the seal--he looks friendly enough.

So why is this picture on my blog, you might wonder?

Well I just wondered the same thing--not about my blog, but about my inbox, cause I just discovered it there, with this message:

Dear Madam,
As requested, please find attached your photo with a seal.
Enjoy your photo.
Kind Regards, Bianca Harwood

Um, thanks?
Needless to say I am going to have to let Miss Harwood know that I never requested a photo of myself with a seal.

But maybe I should, now that I know who to ask.


kathiek said...

That is so funny!!

peaj said...

It's that other Jessica Latshaw. From Lansdowne. She's the one who requested it. That's her, on the left.

I can see why that guy got the two of you confused ;-).

The weirdest stuff happens to you! Good thing you have a blog, to let it all out.

jason said...

Aw, man. Where's MY picture with a seal???

Jessica Latshaw said...

Jase--I can give you Bianca's address; as you can see, she takes GREAT pics of people with seals!