Saturday, March 21, 2009


Today I got to eat dinner with two very old friends who I had not seen for quite literally years and years.

Wait. These friends are not very old themselves, they are just from way back when. Just so we're clear.

Anyway, they came to the show and made me as jumpy and nervous as a person who hasn't been doing A Chorus Line for a year already. But hey, that really works for Kristine, so I went with it. They were waiting for me at the stage door afterward, and the three of us beamed together. They said kind things, couldn't believe I was so tall, and we all hugged, respectively.

We sat down to dinner and talked. It was like a floodgate had opened; we patched together our histories, clueing each other into our pasts with our words, laughing and sighing as only women can do.

A few hours later, dinner and dessert having come and gone, a waiter politely approached the table. Stumbling over his words, hesitating to really say it, we finally translated his half-sentences and awkward smiles to mean that they needed our table for their latest rush of patrons.

I tried to explain to him that we literally hadn't seen each other in years--but well, it was the dinner rush and we had sat through the length of two dinners already. It was time to go.

But it had been lovely.

And this is one of the best parts of touring. Reconnecting with friends. It is nothing short of serendipitous.


jason said...

"clueing each other into our pasts with our words, laughing and sighing as only women can do."

There is something vaguely sexist about this sentiment!

Jessica said...

If it is, I apologize- men CAN laugh and sigh-and do it quite well I'm sure, but I think women are more prone to doing it.

And the sentence wouldn't flow as well I'd I wrote, "laughing and sighing, as women are more prone to do..."

Jessica said...

Plus the way in which women laugh and sigh together is different from how men do it-so I don't think it IS racist!

mom said...

Is it sexist to admit there may be differences between the genders? I'm sure men laugh and sigh together, but they may do these things in a different way than women do. This doesn't mean there aren't exceptions.

Anonymous said...

As one of the very old friends who was laughing and sighing, I have to say even if men can do it - we did it very very well.

We also cried during the opening scene watching Jess dance and both can honestly say we have no idea what any of the other performers did or looked like as we only paid attention to Jess. And we cheered and whistled so loudly for Jess that I am sure we annoyed the other patrons - but we didn't care as long as Jess knew we were there only for her!

It was surreal and wonderful and even though we haven't seen each other for something like 15 years it feels like we just picked up where we left off (except we are much better dressed now).

Jessica Latshaw said...

First of all--in my last comment I meant to say SEXIST and not RACIST! Lol.

But I guess I don't think that my statement under scrutiny was racist either...!

And yes Jamie-we were a little better dressed now, thank goodness;-)

Mom--I totally agree that admitting differences between genders is not in any way saying that one is better than the other.

jason said...

But no women could possibly know whether they could clue, laugh and sigh better than men, because they could never be around for those moments, or else it wouldn't just be men clueing, laughing, and sighing!

In my experience, men are awfully good at cluing, laughing, and sighing as well.

The more important thing though....


Vicki Green said...

Yes, soon as I asked Jess if she remembered 'It Is Finished' the hand motions started up as though she just did it yesterday! We laughed and sighed! are a blessing! Big Sigh! What talent! So thrilled to hear all about Drew and how wonderful a guy he is -(especially since he's an Eagles fan!) :-)

Jess said...

ha! We actually did do a couple of the hand motions while sitting at the table-perhaps that contributed to the waitstaff requesting that we give up our table...:)

kathiek said...

How nice you got to visit with them, Jess!

And, by the way, Jamie & Vicki, I hope you are both well!

jason said...

Jessica Sarah Elizabeth [other middle names redacted out of kindness] Latshaw, what is going on here? It's been since Saturday!

Jessica Latshaw said...

I know, jase, I know!
I was home for a busy 36 hours or so and then got here to Hartford today but cannot for the life of me get connected to the internet at this hotel...
Drew posted a little something for me and I am hoping to get back on tomorrow.
And don't suggest my iPhone, either-I tried to blog with it but my keyboard won't materialize when it comes to the body of my post, so I am left with leaving a title and NOTHIN else, which I just will not let fly. Not on my watch.
And btw, my second middle name is spelled 'elisabeth' with an 'A' and NOT a 'Z.'
Thought you should know, being my brother and all.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Stupid predictive text-that should be 'S' and not an 'A'