Wednesday, March 25, 2009

there's 3 of us in this double occupancy room

So thankfully I didn't have to find that cardboard box with secure wireless. Whatever was wrong last night seems to be fixed today and I am grateful that I remain in the warmth of a hotel room to blog.

And you might be wondering what this is.
Perhaps the touring cast of A Chorus Line is incubating an alien. Perhaps, we are cloning a round of cut dancers for those days when all the covers AND swings are on and so we are down a few dancers to be cut in the opening scene.

Or perhaps my mom is here with me this week.

Maybe it's because she was born at 5 1/2 months and then kept in an incubator for months afterwards, but my mom likes to read like that. Under her sheets and blankets, with a small flashlight providing her just enough light to make out the words in her book.

She chooses to read like that even though the lights are on in the room, like this.
But she remains buried in a cocoon of her own making, like the picture above, so that when I finally turn out the lights it looks like something from the movie Alien.

And it's not just my mom who's visiting this week, either; her puppy, Strider is here, too.
I realize that picture may look a little bit indecent, but believe me--it's better than the other one I took. Just take my word for it.

He is doing great so far. And other than getting himself good and stuck between the driver seat and the shotgun seat during the road trip here yesterday, every thing's gone without a hitch.
He even took a nap with my friend David, right after breakfast. He's become quite a cast favorite here, actually.
And once we wake up Strider, we're going to go try out the hiking here in Connecticut...


Mom said...

And waking up Strider is much harder than it sounds...we're still trying to wake him up. Adults shouldn't have to convince an 18 week old puppy that it's time to go hiking!

Mom said...

Oh, and by the way.....doesn't EVERYONE read like that?!!?

Mom said...

At least everyone who was born at 5 1/2 months and lived in an incubator for many months.

Jenna Latshaw said...

haha those pics of mom reading made me laugh out loud! whenever i try to read like that i almost die of suffocation! and the pic of strider and dave is so cute! were they both actually asleep?

kathiek said...

Funny pics! I am glad you are not in a cardboard box, Jess, it's still just a little too cold for that!

I am sure Strider's been up a while by now...did you have a nice hike?

Pop said...

Our cats have made a remarkable return to form around the house now that the Strider intrusion has suddenly evaportated. No longer are they up on counters, shelves or beds but they're slowly, regally, standing and ambling in the kitchen and dining room, as if there never was a Stroder. Life is back to normal, they feel. Sadly not true, alas. For now though, all is right with their world.

jason said...

I would need a snorkle to read under the blankets like that!!! So funny.

Michele said...

Your mama looks happy Jess, even if you do force her to read under the blankets :) I'm glad you two (three) get to spend some time together!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Jenna--Strider was OUT COLD! It took a lot of tries to wake him up, and David had just closed his eyes before I snapped the pic, so cannot say for sure if he was napping or just resting. Either way--so cute!

KK--we had such a fabulous hike, thanks for asking!!!

Pop--I am glad the cats are able to rule the roost again for a spell. Too bad for them that they will be getting a rude awakening when Strider returns!

Jase-I have no idea how she does it. My FEET can't even be completely submerged under the blankets without an air hole...

Michele--thanks, I am too!