Sunday, March 15, 2009

sunday and no heels to speak of

     Today I took a personal day.

     Why, you may wonder? Well, it's ah, personal.

     Actually, it's not so personal--but I do like the sound of a personal day. Like it's just a day that is devoted to one's personhood; that it's another step towards that illusive goal of well being.

     And, you don't really have to tell your boss why. That's nice too.

     But, I took it because Drew's probably descended from leprechauns or something since his birthday is St. Patrick's Day which means it is this Tuesday.  
     Why did I take it Sunday when his actual birthday is Tuesday? would be the next logical question, I realize. Well, to put it simply, I put in for a personal day on Tuesday but someone else in the show already had it so I settled for Sunday.

     The nice thing is that I got to surprise Drew by showing up last night. Even though I got the advice that I should never surprise anybody after sharing my plan with a certain someone who may or may not have been hurt in the past, I knew that Drew was safe to surprise.

   I knew the only female he could possibly be sharing our bed with was our black cat, Percy.
   And when I have, in fact, come home to find them sharing a bed in the past, it has not bothered me in the least...

   So last night I crept into our house, said my hello to our two kitties--which involved holding, petting, kissing, and mild squeezing--and I sat next to Drew and woke him up.

   This is no easy task, even when he isn't coming off a night when he has worked instead of slept with a full day of tasks following right into the day after. I gently shook him and watched as one eye slowly peaked open.

   It closed right back up, so I waited.

   Then both eyes popped open with a start as he said in a voice that sounded like it could use some exercise, YOU'RE HOME!
  And with that we were off to a good start.    


kathiek said...

How wonderful that you could surprise Drew for his birthday...I am sure he didn't mind in the least that it was a couple days early!! ;-]

It was so nice to see you in church!

Mom said...


Natalie said...

That's more or less the sweetest thing ever.

Jessica Latshaw said...

I love surprising people in good ways.

I hate, however, surprising someone in a bad way--like walking around a corner suddenly and making someone scream with a start.

It makes me feel like some kind of monster.