Friday, March 20, 2009

welcome, spring

Sometimes you are walking along Georgetown's cobblestone streets and you just need to stretch your hamstrings. Like, badly.

And the typical bend-over-and-touch-your-toes stretch just won't do.

So, like this guy, you lay down, make sure your head is touching the dirty ground,
and stretch.
You get the job done, and you get it done well. And if somebody happens to snap a photo of you, you don't notice because you are so busy getting your stretch on.

Ah, the first day of spring. This magnolia tree did herself up right pretty for this commemorative occasion.
And the first day of spring was made exponentially better by one of my best friends, Christine, joining me. We strolled around Georgetown taking in the boutiques and picturesque buildings all shoved together in a row.
And if you are ever in Georgetown you really have to visit Georgetown Cupcake. Every time I have passed by this little shop, there has been a line out the door to the point where you have to commit to patiently waiting before you can even set foot inside of it.
But let me tell you, the cupcakes do not disappoint. At all. I had a chocolate peanut butter concoction which was a safe bet since I pretty much salivate at the mention of any combination of chocolate and peanut butter.

But I wasn't ready for this. The icing was peanut butter flavored and as light and airy as mousse, piled high atop the cupcake--which was just a little concave, enabling one to still be eating the icing while eating the cake.


And the actual cupcake was moist and delicious with the fantastic surprise of a touch of fudge within. Really, I will always remember that cupcake very fondly.

Oh right--and Christine doesn't go many places these days without her entourage. Meet sweet Madeline. She's really good at waving and grinning. I mean, she puts all of the rest of us to shame in those categories.
In fact, while I was with her today, I just gave up even trying to compete. She had it under control so I resorted to simply not getting in the way of the expert as she did her cute waving and grinning thing.

And rounding out the entourage quite nicely is super fun and inquisitive Noelle.
She had a ton of questions for me--namely, where were Drew, Percy, and Tally? I tried to tell her that they were probably at that moment all sleeping in a bed in Delaware, but since she asked me the same thing again a few minutes later, I am not sure she quite understood.

She also asked what country we were in. With my geographical deficiencies, I totally understood where she was coming from with that one.

Luckily Christine was there to set both of us straight concerning where, exactly, we were.

Georgetown is a sweet place.
And I don't just mean the cupcakes.


jason said...

You should watch the Exorcist while you're in Georgetown, because it's set in Georgetown!!! And it's TERRIFYING.

jason said...

Also, I love old city buildings. That last picture reminds me of Soho!

christine said...

I have been telling anyone who will listen about how amazing those cupcakes were! Just thinking about how much I enjoyed it makes me happy all over again. Thanks for sending all those pics already...I love Maddie's face in the one of her and I.
I'm so glad we came down and got to hang out with you! It was a lot of fun and I even managed to get back out of the city without getting lost.
As soon as you got out of the car and we were pulling out Noelle said "Mom I'm going to miss Jess". I told her I felt the same way : ) Love you!

kathiek said...

Very sweet (no pun intended)! I am glad you & Christine (& her entourage) had such a lovely time!

Jessica Latshaw said...


And have you been to Georgetown before, jase?--you would love it here!

Pop said...

Did you and Jenna hang out in GT? Sounds like a very cool place. Any little signs around like "Bill Clinton lived here"?

Nina said...

Georgetown is great, but Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan are way better. I told you I'd let you know places you should go, and I forgot until. I'm afraid you're leaving soon, but here are a few recommendations in case you still have time:

Zorbas on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont Circle -- great Greek/middle eastern food

Lauriol Plaza on 18th street between Dupont Circle and Adams Morgan -- great Mexican food and fun atmosphere

Kramerbooks & Afterwords -- a bookstore/cafe with a great brunch -- nearly a Washington institution at this point

BTW, Brian & I got engaged by the fountain in Dupont Circle -- 20 years ago! Yikes!

Nina said...

Woops. I meant to say, I forgot to tell you until just now. Not I forgot until...

Jessica Latshaw said...

Pop--me, mom, Jenna, and Strider did walk around Georgetown last weekend;-)

and thanks for the awesome suggestions--I wish I had more time to see them! How sweet that you guys were engaged by that fountain--and amazing!

Jessica Latshaw said...

p.s. that last comment was for Nina;-)