Wednesday, December 31, 2008

to 2009

     Happy New Year.

      Here's to hoping for...let's see...warmth. Lately our furnace has been breaking at regular intervals, keeping our house somewhere in the frosty fifties. Call me crazy, but I like it much warmer than that. So, here's to a nice, warm 2009. 

      And here's to driving a car that works. Last night I was waiting for my car at the garage after my show and the valet simply walked up to me and said you're car won't start. What?! needs to. I walk over to it, not exactly knowing what I am going to do, but intent on doing something, at least. I call Drew. He tells me to open the hood. Shoot. I DON'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO DO THAT!  I struggle. I fight back tears. I get mad. Finally, the valet helps me open the hood. Drew tries to describe to me the wires, cables, and other car accoutrements that I am looking for. All I can really find is one cable that looks like it is covered in tooth paste. Yes, Drew says, that's the one you want. Now wiggle it

   Great. I wiggle the tooth paste covered cable back and forth, back and forth, intermittently trying to start the car. No dice. It doesn't work, no matter how vigorously I wiggle that stupid tooth paste cable. 

   The valet man comes back and offers me a jump. I take it and voila! the car starts. Drew says to pull over immediately if I find the dashboard lights dimming at all, cause that may mean the car is about to die. I take the advice to heart and oh yeah, apparently corrosion and tooth paste look a lot alike. 

   Right, so here's to driving working vehicles in 2009.

    And here's to a continued desire for chocolate and peanut butter, the perfect pair of jeans (does that hunt ever end?), another fantastic book to get lost in, living with Drew permanently, songs that speak to me like we've known each other all our lives, loving the people that are in my life in a way that remembers them a little more each day as I try to forget myself in the meantime...

   Happy New Year. Let's all hope together for it to be a good one.


kathiek said...

All good things to look forward to, Jess...happy new year!!

Mom said...

Happy new year, sweetheart!