Monday, December 29, 2008

the tritone! and something you need to go see

    Here we are, playing at the Tritone. And honestly, it was some of the most fun I have had in a while. 

    Don't get me wrong--I love musical theater; I love telling someone else's story.  But there is something special, some kind of magic that happens for me when I get to play my own stuff, tell my own story.  

  And last night was such an amalgamation of all my different worlds.  I had friends there from three different casts--Miss Saigon, Beauty and the Beast, and of course, ACL--friends from church, and wonderful family members (as well as a guy named Josh Stauffer who does not fit into any of those categories but is a friend nonetheless).  My parents, ordained ministers in their own right, cooly hung out with my theater friends while grooving to the music in this Philly bar. And that is just one of the reasons why my parents are so cool. 
   Some highlights of the evening:
  • Drew playing a trombone solo. I mean--a trombone solo, people! How awesome is that?
  • My brother, Jason, and I wearing matching fedoras. Sweet. 
  • Covering the boysetsfire song, The Misery Index. My oldest brother Josh is a founding member of that band, so singing that song was so special.
  • Seeing my family--at least a lot them--mingling with my friends.
  • playing with my brother Josh, my good friend Christian, Drew, and singing with my sister-in-law, Rebekah.
  • staying late and talking with friends I haven't seen for a while--all to the background music of a little cluster of men playing an assortment of brass instruments in the back of the bar. 
  • Getting told by a friend that I have the most f@#*ing beautiful family. Ha. Like I didn't already know that.
    So anyway, it was such an amazing time for me and I cannot wait to do it again. In fact, if I could do that more often than not, it would be absolutely fine with me. If I could sing my songs for people most evenings, I wouldn't mind it one bit. 

     And here's another thing. My brother Jason (who has been in LA these past two years attending UCLA's prestigious screenwriting graduate program)--along with the help of others--filmed a short that he wrote and directed this past summer. It stars the talented Rebekah Latshaw and I have seen the raw footage--it's awesome, scary, and funny. And yes, in that order. 

    He is doing a special East Coast screening of this short, The Electric Chainsaw Massacre, on New Year's Eve at 7:30 p.m. in Landenberg, PA. It is open to everybody to attend and if you want the details (like an address), just comment and I can get it to you.


kathiek said...

I sure wish I could have been there...looks like you had a great time! You look amazing in that first picture, Jess, LOVE the hat!! Actually, I have seen it on Jase, and he looks good in it, but you rocked it! I am happy for you that so many friends and family could be there to support you.

Jenna Latshaw said...

seriously, i had so much fun that night! it was awesome how all of your different friends came out to support you. it proves how much people love you and love listening to you perform. moments like that make me SO happy that we are sisters! totes!

peaj said...

Hey Jess.

Sorry I missed you and all your many friends. Sounds like a very cool night.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Kathie--thanks for the compliment and don't you worry about a thing; you came out and saw ACL and I so appreciate that;-)


Jenna--I am also SO happy that we are sisters an I also think that it is funny that you tried to sing along to Bono for President and almost fainted! The whole cast loves you so much and all in all the night was pretty DECE!!!

Mom said...

I had such a wonderful time! It's really fun to go outside your normal circle of people and be somewhere else enjoying another group of people that God created. Plus, I loved the hats, I loved all your songs and your showmanship, I loved "misery idex", loved seeing you all playing together, loved the trombone, loved the very talented Josh and Christian, loved Rebekah's singing, loved hearing Clyde, loved meeting your friends. It was just a night I loved!

beingawesome said...

GAHH!! :*( I would have loved to see your cover of The Misery Index..


Tiffany said...

As upset as I was that I wasn't able to make it, I realized later that I'm not old enough to get into bars anyways... So had I been able to get out there, I would have had a problem.

You look awesome in the pictures though, you always have the cutest clothes in all of your pictures.

and I really hope you played Lifesize Sweater and Bono for President. Those are my favorites!