Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I do love this holiday

      Merry Christmas Eve! Or rather, Merry Christmas, since it is now past midnight.

       I worked today--the first time I've worked on Christmas Eve, I believe. But really, it wasn't so bad. This was partly because my job is something that I love to do and partly because I knew I was getting a break really soon, what with Christmas day off and all.

       Anyway, of course everybody and their mother brought all sorts of treats to the theater. And I was really good and didn't even taste one before the show started. But then...well...then I had a break mid-show and decided to sample the baklava (delicious), a chocolate covered pretzel stick (salty and sweet, just like it should be), three of the peanut butter blossoms with the Hershey kisses in the center (my personal favorites, and yeah, each one tasted as good as the last), and a couple of bites of a biscotti.  

     When I went back on stage to do the rest of show I felt a little sick and a little like I really wish I weren't wearing a leotard.  

     Good thing not everyday is Christmas Eve. In terms of treats being all too plentiful when it is, that is.

    After the show, I went to the parking garage to get my car.  While waiting, some people who had just seen the show recognized me and said some very kind things.  I made a rather stupid assumption, however; let me tell you what I mean:

Nice lady: You were so fantastic! We just loved the show!
Me: Thanks so much!
Another Nice Lady: I can't believe you have to wait for your car just like us...
First Nice Lady: Right?! Where's your limousine?
Me: I keep wondering that myself...
*pause in the conversation, at which point I notice the little daughter of the first lady*
Me: (directing it to the little daughter) Do you have some special plans for Christmas?
*a very long, awkward pause ensues, no one says anything, so I go on...
Me: Or...plans for something else?
Nice Lady: We're Jewish.
Me: (not missing a beat, I think, I hope) Happy Hanukkah!!! Do you have special Hanukkah plans? (I blurt this out while ignoring this nudging thought in the back of my mind that in reality, I have no idea when Hanukkah is this year; for all I know, it could have been two weeks ago, making me sound like a perfect idiot right now).
Nice Lady: This was one of our Hanukkah gifts to our family!
Me: (hiding my relief that it is, at least, indeed HanukkahHow lovely; thank you so much for coming!

   It was a pleasant exchange and they were a delightful family, but really, I can't just assume that everyone celebrates Christmas! Especially the wonderful patrons who come see ACL on Christmas Eve--I mean, it's a good chance that Jews will come see such a non-Christmasy show during the holiday, right?


    So now all the presents are wrapped and I can barely wait to give them to everyone. I. LOVE. GIVING. GIFTS. I really do--it's one of my favorite parts of Christmas day.  Although, if I know Drew, he is going to keep asking if we can open our presents for each other tonight, before we go to bed (he's already asked once, to which I said no thank you, but he is very persistent). I honestly have no idea what he got me. I didn't ask for anything and there is nothing in particular that I really want. So, it will definitely be a surprise. He keeps hinting that he got me a horse but considering it would have a hard time fitting in our townhouse, coupled with the fact that I am pretty scared of horses, I am pretty sure that I will not be greeted by a horse in my bedroom tomorrow morning.  

   Okay, Merry Christmas and or Happy Hanukkah to all...This really is a wonderful time of year!  


Mom said...

OH, no! If Drew got you a horse, he should have talked to me first. Remember Cup o' Coffee? I hope he didn't get you a horse!

Merry Christmas!

jason said...

Considering his recent kangaroo obsession maybe he got you a... ahem... part of a horse?

Jessica Latshaw said...

good point, Jase!

and mom--was Cup o' Coffee the one who kicked me? Yikes.

kathiek said...

Maybe he got you a horse like other people who gave you sharks. No danger in your sharks eating you and that kind of horse can't kick you!

You and Drew have a very merry Christmas, Jess!

Natalie said...

It'll be awfully hard to take a horse on tour, won't it? Ah, what do I know? I'm the aspiring, you're the professional.
I hope you had an absolutely wonderful Christmas! Or Hanukkah, which I assume you don't celebrate but I'm covering all my bases here.