Friday, December 12, 2008

on the way to the theater

    Judging by the extreme exhaustion I am now facing, this will be a short post.  

    Something happened to make me smile on the way to the stage door today. It was early, nearly 3 o'clock in the afternoon, and we were called in for a rehearsal. Anyway, I was walking on Baltimore Street in well, Baltimore, and passed by a tall man dressed in a business suit.  

    He stopped in his tracks, pointed at me, and said, You were very good--in the show--you were in the show, right? Halfway through the part-statement-part-question, he went from pointing to me to pointing to the Hippodrome theater.  

      Smiling right back at him, I got in the word yes before he spread his arms wide, planted his legs in what looked to be a super-hero stance and did his best impression of Kristine as he sang a wobbly and grating, Sing!

      And it was over just like that.  He quickly walked away, and my face brightened all the way to the stage door.  I might have even laughed out loud. But I can certainly say with confidence that that man sure did brighten my day.  

       So yay for Baltimore men in business suits pretending to be Kristine in the middle of the afternoon! 


beingawesome said...


Mom said...

How sweet! Hope he's reading this blog!

jason said...

Considering what you do for a living, I thought you might get a kick out of this.

christine said...

That made me laugh out loud...that's so awesome!

Anonymous said...

There are Kristine lovers/wannabees in all of us apparently.

jason j said...

typical day in Bmore... thats why I miss the city so much.. :)

Jessica Latshaw said...

lol, Jason--that article is so sad and funny! I would LOVE to see that pamphlet that tells you how to "spot the warning signs of becoming a dancer"

Let me guess--

flexibility. Strength. coordination. feet that point for days. and turn-out.

but that's just the short list!

kathiek said...

What a sweet and funny thing to do...and how encouraging for you! You brought joy into someone's life and he was returning the favor!

K-Ro! said...

Aw Jess that made me smile :)