Thursday, December 25, 2008

christmas day

   So here we are in front of the tree. No not our tree, silly, my parents' tree. Things were so crazy this year that we didn't actually get to decorate a tree for our house...But hey, there's always next year, right? 

 And here I present my whole family. Well, almost. Me and my nephew Judah are not in the pic; I was holding the camera and Judah had it in his two-year-old mind that it was most certainly not time to pose for a picture and was time to walk around the living room like he owned the place. 
   Me and my siblings! They are some of the best people in the world; three big brothers, one little sister--who could ask for anything more?!
  My five nieces. Starting in the foreground, going clockwise, they are Cosette, Selah, Lyric, Charis, and Emerson...beautiful names for beautiful girls. Oh and there in the background is my sister-in-law Rebekah and my awesome little scalawag of a nephew, Judah. 
  Drew posing like a super hero while modeling some of the clothing he opened on Christmas morning. I had to crop the pic a little, for modesty's sake, and I didn't have the heart to tell him that those pieces weren't meant to be worn in quite that manner...
   And you know that wonderful sentiment about dancers being graceful? Right, well I spend most of my life disproving that theory.  Like yesterday.  I was holding my large cat and trying to round a corner that I successfully maneuver every day of my life, when my leg hit our coffee table harder than any leg has ever hit any coffee table in the history of legs and coffee tables combined, and I managed to get this:
   It hurt so much. I threw myself on our couch and writhed and screamed while Drew was trying to figure out if he should call 911 cause he hadn't pieced together what, exactly, was wrong with me from my incoherent screams and moans. 
  Disappointing, I know. You'd think he would be able to translate by now.
   Finally, we both started laughing but it still really hurt and I made sure that he realized that just because I was laughing, it did not mean I was fine. 

   But other than the Christmas Eve wound on my leg, Christmas was lovely. It was Drew; it was family. It was reflection on a Gift that changed the world. It was perfect. 


kathiek said...


I'm sorry you got hurt, but I am happy for you that you had such a wonderful Christmas! Merry Christmas, and God bless, Jess!!

No horse, I take it?! ;-)

Jessica Latshaw said...

no horse, thank goodness!!!

jason j said...

I love the whole family pic where Jonah is the only one not looking at the camera..

Natalie said...

If only you could have seen my face when I came across the picture of your'd be laughing so hard you'd forget you were in pain. I kid you not.
I'm glad you had a great Christmas, and here's to 2009 and all of the opportunities it brings!

Jenna said...

Rebekah's eyes are open in the picture!! It's a Christmas miracle!!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Jason Jazz--yes, apparently Jonah did not think the picture being taken was important enough for him to stop quenching his thirst. Oh well!

Natalie--I guess I will have to just try and imagine that:-)

Jenna--a christmas miracle, indeed! And it wasn't even taken with "her camera" which, according to Rebekah, is the ONLY camera that allows her to keep her eyes open while a pic is taken!

peaj said...
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