Wednesday, December 3, 2008


    I have to say, Baltimore has been so kind.  Their response to ACL has been amazing--they are laughing at all the right places, wonderfully responsive to every number, and so present.  It does the heart good.  And tonight, they gave us a standing ovation, which was again, just so kind.  

     What is not totally awesome about Baltimore is how quickly their two-way streets just bam! turn into one-way streets. I mean, really, you gotta give a girl some notice.  Unfortunately, the notice I did see loud and clear was in the form of a car with it's beams pointed straight at me...I quickly moved over to the correct side of the street...And promptly got lost.  

    But really, the getting lost part cannot be blamed on Baltimore.  It can only be blamed entirely on me.  See, as I have mentioned before here, I have no natural sense of direction. None. If I were a bird, I would probably end up in Alaska for the winter, and wonder why none of my bird friends showed up for my Christmas party.  Luckily, I am not a bird, and therefore have a sentient mind that is able to be directed by the all-knowing GPS.  

   But I didn't have it last night--thus, I got lost in Baltimore.  I did call my friend Jason (who had lived in Baltimore), and he along with his lovely and helpful wife Susan, was able to talk me out of my wanderings and set me straight again.  So a huge thanks for that, guys!

   I was interviewed via phone by the News Journal today.  As luck would have it, my brother happened to be in the car with me when I was answering questions and the interviewer, Betty, I think, asked if that was my husband. No, I said, I am with my brother. I guess that was just as good because she asked if she could speak with him and I immediately handed over the phone to my very surprised and somewhat nonplussed brother, Jonathan.  

   I just gave him a beatific smile. 

    They talked all about me, which makes sense considering the whole interview was because I was in ACL. He happily informed Betty of how when we were growing up, nobody in the family could get me to stop dancing and singing--in grocery stores, sidewalks, even while listening to teachings during church I would be pointing my feet as hard as I could.  He did a great job, and was very sweet about me. We both thought it was funny that he was forced into the interview, though.

   Oh yeah, and towards the end Betty asked me if Drew and I had any pets. Yes, I said, Two cats. She went on to ask their names, so I obliged, but all the while I was thinking, This is news?! I mean, not that I mind--after reading my last post, I am sure you can see that it takes almost nothing to get me talking about my cats--but still, people want to read about that?  

   I got to see my dear friend Laura tonight.  She's all beautiful and happily newly married and it absolutely shows, which makes me so glad...And now in an effort to be somewhat normal (no jokes how for me, that may prove to be impossible, please), I will go to bed so that I can actually see the morning tomorrow.  

  And maybe even take a pilates class. Maybe.   


Jonathan Latshaw said...

Looking at your FB comment times last night, I think you failed in getting to bed early last night lol.

Jessica Latshaw said...

Yeah, didn't get to bed early...But I DID get up for pilates this morning--that's gotta count for something, right?

kathiek said...

Hmm...your idea of going to bed early seems very much like my own, Jess! ;-)

Jessica Latshaw said...

right, Kathie--hopefully tonight will be better!

kathiek said...

Well, considering I just left FB, and we were both actively commenting, I don't think it's working for either one of us, Jess!!

jason j said...

I didn't want to tell you the other night, but I'm sure you could tell that you were in a pretty run down part of the city..

I was going to point out some things like.. Ohh that's one of the streets where "The Wire" takes place, but I decided not to mention that while you were in the middle of it all..

Anyway, glad to hear that the people there are treating you guys good!