Saturday, December 13, 2008


     My husband is in the Nutcracker this year.  Um, it used to be that I was the one in the big story ballets, but nope. Now it's Drew. And before you worry about the image of Drew prancing around in tights on a well-lit stage surrounded by tutu-bound ballerinas, let me put your mind at ease: He is playing an overgrown rat, The Rat King, to be precise.

    No tights involved.  Had they been, I doubt whether or not he would have taken the job.  I still have a hard time keeping a completely straight face when Drew tells me that he has to get to the theater for the Nutcracker. Or that he needs to stop at Rite-Aid for his make-up.  But really, I am proud of him. And I know absolutely that he is a man is a man is a man. Even when dressed like a large rat. Or contemplating the very best shade of foundation at the drug store. 

   I guess at least he doesn't insist on going to MAC or Sephora. That might be a little too much.

     It used to be that I taught my nieces piano. Ever since I left for tour, however, Drew has taken over that job.  And I get the feeling that they may enjoy his lessons better. He calls it his own personal School of Rock, a la Jack Black, and I am positive that he is pretty fun to be taught by, so really I cannot blame my nieces.  

    Besides, I still pick out better clothes for them than he does. And I don't anticipate that ever changing.  

   It also used to be that I was the one who regularly performed at our church's Christmas Adoration Service.  Now, Drew is the one to do it every year. This year he's in a three-person play.  He'll be fabulous, I am sure. Although, I will have to get everyone else's take on it since I will be working. 

   So how does all this single-white-female-esque business of Drew now doing what I once happily did make me feel?  Fine. Really good, actually.  Maybe it's strange, but having Drew at home, so very involved in the things that I love, makes me feel like in a way, I am being represented too.  Like a part of me is still here.  

    So yeah, there it is. 

     Oh, and I am thinking about designing a new t-shirt. It'll say:

       Real Women Marry Nutcracker-Dancing, Music-Teaching, Bass-Playing, Sleep-Teching, Play-Acting Men. 

      So maybe it wouldn't be the largest grossing t-shirt as far as sales go, but I can think of at least one girl who would wear it.  And I would do so happily.  


kathiek said...

Jess, this was very sweet. Drew is a great guy. You are very well represented and very much here, but not just because of are in our hearts, so you will always be "here", no matter where you are or how long you are away!

Anonymous said...

jess, its john. why isnt drew wearing BAREMINERALS?! PS....doesnt the "rat king" wear a huge rat head, therefore covering ones face completely, making the use of make-up obsolete?

The Husband said...

Actually, John, the huge rat head leaves my face exposed. I use gray and black facepaint to make my face blend in with the costume, so I look a little less like just a dude who decided to put a rats face on top of his head.

Natalie said...

He's doing the Nutcracker? That's great!
This is my design for that tee-shirt:

Can you tell I have too much time on my hands? XD

Jessica Latshaw said...

Natalie--I LOVE it!!!! You rock my world!!!

semi anonymous said...

I know you know you are a very lucky girl. Besides, I think it's only natural that if you make a guy get rid of his balls, that he dances ballet, wears make up, plays piano and indulges in church theater etc. In fact, I hope to see that for myself. Maybe we could all wear matching t shirts in support.

Jessica Latshaw said...

I'd wear it proudly!

Natalie said...

I'm telling you, CafePress is where it's at!