Wednesday, October 28, 2009

you make everything alright

So here's another song.

And yeah, that new-to-me green sweatshirt is something I have a hard time not wearing lately. I'm like that, you know. Get something new and I want to wear it again. And again and again. A couple weeks ago it was this blue and white plaid shirt that a friend gave to me--I literally wore it three days in a row, had to pack it to go to another city and so forgot about it, but then rediscovered it as I was unpacking and put it right back on again.

But not before I asked my roommates if they remembered this (as I held up my plaid shirt for them to see).

You mean the one you just wore last week for like days and days in a row? they asked.

I took that to mean that yeah, they remembered it.

Anyway, this song is called You Make Everything Alright.

Though maybe that's hyperbole because nobody ever does, you know. Make everything alright. There are some people who come close but even they hurt you sometimes. Still, it's nice to escape into songs about perfection. Because every once in a while, there are moments--glimpses--of just that. And you close your eyes and tell yourself that this, this is finally a really good scene in your story. And you try to build a little house right there because you don't ever want to move from that spot. But eventually the fluidity of life catches up with you; one day you go home to that house you worked so hard to build upon that one perfect moment and see that there is an eviction sign and the people who lived there with you have already taken their things and gone.

And now it's your turn to go too.

And hopefully you'll see them in the next perfect moment.

And you'll try to not to be too surprised to see them in those painful moments too.

Because they'll probably be present in both kinds.

Because it takes all moments to make your story.

But this, this is a sweet song--a happy song.


Mama Bear said...

Thank you!

sarah said...

i love what you are is so true..and i love this song too!!!! thanks for sharing your beautiful thoughts and music!!!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

Beautiful as always! FYI, you can wear that sweatshirt everyday! I LOVE IT!

Mandy and Jack said...

Wow. Beautiful.

Mom said...

Wow! Yes!

Rika said...

It's a very beautiful song. I really really miss hearing you sing! And, of course, I miss you for you, too ;) hehe

Jessica Latshaw said...

erika--thanks, girl! And, I'll be back soon--in just a few weeks, actually, and will hopefully be singing on some sunday mornings, too:)

kathiek said...

Lovely, Jess.