Tuesday, October 6, 2009

and this is why I take a shower

There was a time when I didn't take many showers. You might think this is gross, but I will tell you it was medicinal. See, I was the lucky girl born with super dry and itchy skin and bathing just made it worse. So the doctor told my mom not to worry about it too much. To skip bath days every once in a while. Or every once in a lot.

And so I did.

I specifically remember at one point thinking, It's been two weeks since I've bathed. Huh.

And then I probably went to find a cat to play with or a frog to catch or an underground fort to hang out in because I wasn't bothered by it so much.

And even as an adult, I don't shower as much as some. I've been known to skip a day or two. Luckily, I am not a stinky person and hardly ever sweat a drop so it's not like it's a big problem.

But lately--well, lately, I've been living for the shower.

And I like it super hot.
Burn off your skin hot.
Tingling on your scalp hot.

I like the feeling of the water running over me, my mascara melting away, my hair, which can sometimes go every which way, just sticking together, finally united and off my forehead, off my face; I like the tiny space I find myself in, the way that I am totally in control of my environment, the locked door I am behind; I like the steam billowing around me, the acoustics giving my voice reverb, the thick soap suds hiding me; I like it so much right now that I think it's a kind of strange therapy. There isn't much talking, nobody asks me soul-searching questions, but there's plenty of singing and thinking and heat and a feeling of clean that pervades.

Which is why I took two today.


AJR said...

Shower haiku:

Hot and soft water
Washing away the cruel day
Renewing my soul


kathiek said...

I feel that way about baths. I wake up in the morning and run a lovely hot bath, occasionally with bubbles. I set my alarm for the latest possible time I can get out, get ready, and not be late (in case I fall asleep in the tub) and I ease my way into my day...I don't even turn the light on in my bathroom.

James Ricardo The Actor said...

I love, love, love, love the shower! I CAN"T even think of my day without one! I wash every thing away, I have been known to stay in too long! Uh-OH!

Mandy and Jack said...

You're making up for it now, I guess! I love showers. It's the only time I get to be alone! (And I'll be honest... I slightly miss being unmarried and having it REALLY be alone time. I mean, I love my husband but the fact that he is allowed to come and go as he pleases ruins it a little!)

I usually do most of my praying in the shower. But if you pray for somebody in the shower, it's best just not to tell them. Usually the reaction is that you're strange. :)

Jess said...

Hahaha, Mandy--that made me laugh!

Karenkool said...

I've got the dry skin syndrome too, but I love my shower... although I didn't take one today.

merry said...

I take two showers a day because I hate going to bed dirty and then I hate to start the day dirty.If I skip the night shower or bath I can't sleep well. If I skip the morning one, I feel gross and have a bad day Water in general is therapeutic (hydrotherapy) and being alone in a hot bath or shower always put me in a better mood.Though,sometimes NOT being alone in a shower is really fun too.

Michele said...

Ooh,Merry is scandalous :) haha

christine said...

I have to say that I thought of you this morning when I was taking a shower. I thought about how much I enjoy a good, hot shower. I am definitely a daily shower taker and I like Merry's plan of bathing twice. I always wish I could stay in longer but there is usually a child needing my attention or I'm having to rush to get ready since I waited too long in the first place. In a perfect scenario I would get to take a half hour shower every morning I think : )

Jessica Latshaw said...

Christine--I hope you get your half-hour shower really soon; you totally deserve it!