Monday, October 26, 2009

calgary goodness

Today was a doozy.

But a good doozy.

I think the dooziness was mostly due to only having slept about two hours last night. So when my alarm clock greeted me at 6:45 this morning I wasn't exactly enthralled with fact that my day had already begun. Well, except for the fact that this particular day was taking me far from Saskatoon and so in that sense, it couldn't start soon enough.

The airport was made a little brighter by the fact that I got some Tim Horton's hot chocolate, which is some of the best around, in my opinion. And the sad news is that I am hardly ever around Timmy Ho Ho's (which is what we affectionately call it), so I try to take advantage of the fine establishment while here in Canada.

But a few hours later when I landed in Calgary, that hot chocolate was long gone. I was hungry, exhausted, and cold. I was a total doozy. A personified doozy. Still, a good meal and a walk around this lovely town did me wonders. See, I am staying at a friend's mom's house in the Kensington part of Calgary and it is absolutely magical. Adorable. Artsy. Full of consignment shops.

Which is where I scored this sweatshirt.
$18 worth of warmth and verdant stripes. Not to mention a big old collar. Yes.

And then, shoved onto the lowest shelf at my feet, a bit of robin's egg blue caught my eye.
Another find. This time something Kenneth Cole had made. And for $30 I walked out of the store with it, thanking Mr. Cole for his use of blue and yellow and the way it so easily carries a wallet and lip gloss and one elementary school picture of a tow-headed Drew that I keep with me at all times.

But it's kind of weird when people ask me if I have any pictures of my husband and I hesitantly pull out this wallet sized photo of a first grader.

I make sure to tell them that he's grown up since then.

Cause, gross.

And sorry to end on a downer, but one of my strings on my guitar broke tonight and I am so bummed. Seriously, that thing brings me so much joy right now and it feels like a friend just suddenly left. I don't know how to restring a guitar and at this point I don't even know where a music store is to buy some strings.

I know, google search, blah blah blah, but still.

What a beating.


beingawesome said...

we have tim hortons here... i much prefer dunkin.. :(

K-RO said...

Aw jess, i love this post :)

Mandy and Jack said...

Love the finds!!!! And how sweet that you carry a picture of your 1st grade husband! Hope your guitar feels better soon!!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Rob--but have you tried the hot chocolate from Tim Horton's?

Kristin--thanks, girl--I miss you!

Mandy--thanks for saying it's sweet...cause some could definitely say it's strange...;-)

beingawesome said...

yeah i have tried their hot chocolate.. but i'm weird when it comes to chocolate.. i'm not a huge fan of the SUPER sweet stuff. and most things from Timmy Ho's are REALLY sweet.

kathiek said...

LOVE the bag! I love good hot chocolate, so I am happy for you that you scored some. Starbucks used to have one that was like drinking a brownie...I loved it. Unfortunately, I guess not too many other people cared for it, because they don't carry it any more. Bummer. I am glad you are enjoying some magic in Calgary, Jess. Bless you.

amillionscreamingpieces said...

I love that a cup of Timmy Ho Ho's is not just a drink to you, but an experience worth appreciating, taking into your beautiful heart, and writing about. That's one of the many things I love about Jessic. :)

Darby said...

Hmmm... I'm not sure why I'm logged on as amillionscreamingpieces. I guess that was from a pretty dark time a long time ago! (and just an aside: I'd say I'm not a million screaming pieces anymore, maybe a just a few mildly stressed out chunks.

A few mildly stressed out chunks said...

Aaaaaaand apparently if you click on that blogger name, you shall find--like I just did-- that in 2006 I attempted to start a secret blog about self hatred, which I promptly forgot about until now in front of everyone, when there is nothing I can do about it!

christine said...

I have to start by saying, Darby, I'm not sure whether to respond to your comments but I have to! Your posts made me smile because I could hear you speaking as I'm reading them and I love how you said you are just a few mildly stressed out chunks now : )

Jess - I love your shirt and bag! I also love consignment stores, you can find such great things. I love them especially for the girls. I can't believe you only got 2 hours of sleep but hopefully you'll get to catch up tonight. I'm sure you're going to but you should post pics of this great place you're staying. It sounds beautiful there. Love you!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Rob--Hmmm...well I love sweet things, so that must be it, then!

KK--bummer about SB not continuing your fave!!! maybe it will make a come back?!

Darby-your comments are too hilarious for me to even try to say anything back in the same wonderfully quirky way. I guess I'll just have to say that I love you.

Christine--I wish you could come out here; you would love the shopping and we would have to much fun together!!! And yes, I need to get some pics of this adorable place!