Tuesday, October 13, 2009

today i ate ice cream in canada

I just finished putting the toilet seat back down where it belongs which is about right since I live with three boys at the moment.

Three great boys.

And these three great boys are currently out drinking beer and doing other such manly things, leaving the place to me. So other than righting the toilet seat, what do I do? Only exactly what I want. And I don't mind this at all.


I had ice cream tonight.

Not news worthy, you think? How is this relevant, you might wonder? What does it have to do with boys, or toilet seats, or...Actually yes, let's move on to ice cream because anything, anything is better than toilet seats.

I agree. Which is why I mentioned the ice cream.

But see, this is something. The fact that I ate ice cream, I mean. Since I've been feeling sad I haven't been able to eat anything tasty. Anything as good as dessert. It's a weird thing I have. I guess I associate ice cream and other such treats with celebrations or something, feeling good, so when I feel like I don't have much to celebrate that's the first thing to go.

But tonight, Brandon ordered ice cream and not just any ice cream either. I mean, if he had ordered something having to do with cherries or maybe even something dumb and don't-even-bother like sorbet, than I totally wouldn't have even paused. But he ordered it just the way I like it.

Vanilla ice cream. Peanut butter sauce. Reese's Pieces cups.

And that gave me pause.

So there I was, thinking about it and wondering why I couldn't just have some too. It's not like eating ice cream meant that I was declaring to the whole world that everything was exactly how I wanted it and please, God, don't bother to change a thing cause I am fine, really, just freaking fine.

Maybe eating ice cream could just be more like...I don't know, eating ice cream. With lots of peanut butter involved. So that's what I did. And I didn't go crazy like finish it or anything--I mean, come on, I'm not about to start waving poms-poms in the air as a cheerleader for the state of my life right now, either--but still, I ate some.

And it was good.

Moving on.

Really, who says that? Other than Queen Elizabeth, I mean. And she doesn't even have to mention the down the street part, since she gets to wake up and enjoy her scones and tea under some pretty hefty turrets, pinnacles, and towers every morning. But now I can say, You want to meet at the mall? Sure. No problem. Let me just walk past the castle real quick and I'll see you in a jiff. Just like that.

And then there's this building in which Parliament holds their sessions.
Because Ottawa is totally the capitol of Canada.

And I actually didn't even have to google that one.

True story.

And I saw this bit of sunlight gracing the top of this tree and felt better.
Not about anything in particular, exactly, but better.

And the good news is that sometimes that happens. Sometimes you just feel better.

And some more good news is that I love Canada. Love it. It is clean, the air is crisp, the leaves are ablaze with color, and I am walking by castles daily. Other than the small nuisance of not having the use of my cell phone, what's not to love about this place?


Mandy and Jack said...

I'm so sorry you're going through such a hard time, Jessica!!! You've been on my heart lately and I really hope things get better for you soon. Ice cream is always the first step!

beingawesome said...

3 cheers for ice cream. This post was so fantastic in so many ways.. but the prayers and thoughts will continue :)

James Ricardo The Actor said...

Boo, I'm so GLAD you had ice cream! I love the castles in Ottawa, and I walked all the way across the bridge to Quebec this morning! Beautiful! xoxoxo

kathiek said...

Before I read your post I was just talking to my brother (who is visiting from Alaska) about wanting some ice cream...even though I had just turned on the fireplace because I was freezing...sadly, I have none in the house...but I enjoyed reading about yours, Jess!

I am glad you felt better and hope and pray you will have more of those days to report before long, Jess. I enjoy reading about good news...there is none of that in my house right now, either.

Mom said...

How come some people eat ice cream a lot when they are sad and some people don't eat at all when they are sad and how come I have to be one of those that eat ice cream whenever I'm sad, and whenever I'm happy, and whenever I'm scared, and whenever I'm celebrating, and whenever....and it goes on and on!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Good question, mom--I wish I knew!!