Monday, October 19, 2009

what it looks like

Today looked like this. At least, a part of it did.

The mall didn't, though. That looked more like this awesome unitard that I bought on sale at Lululemon. Hanging on the rack, I could have sworn it was a maternity unitard. But after being convinced that it wasn't (because really, how many pregnant women have you seen willingly parade around in a unitard? But then I thought maybe that was why it was on sale, you know?), and told by a sales lady that it looks much better on, I decided to try it for myself.

And she was over the moon right.

It's organic cotton, pre-shrunk twice (and this over achiever likes the sound of that!), and just as comfortable as it is attractive.

And totally not going to be seen on a baby shower gift table any time soon.

Also, since auditions are going to be on the agenda for me very soon, I like to have something new and snazzy to wear to them.

Today also looked like this.
Like yellow leaves to match my yellow scarf to match my yellow Betsy Johnson socks that my dear friend Betsy Adkins Johnson gave me. And I know, it's cute that their names are sort of matching. Just like my yellow scarf and those leaves.

And my yellow socks. Ah, Betsy Johnson socks, in case you forgot already.

And then another part of my day, my life actually, looks like this.
Like my favorite pair of high tops EVER on their very last legs. See the sad holes? And where the little silver circle things have come lose and climbed up the shoelaces? This makes me so sad. I am looking for their replacements, but feel deep in my heart that they are irreplaceable. The shape. The checkers. The purple swoosh. The grey and white...other parts. I love them so much and they've literally walked with me around the world and back.

I found a pair of purple sneaks with light blue accents today that could be contenders, but they just aren't the same. The lady at the store assured me that they would break in and become soft too, but you know how it is with new sneakers. They make you feel like you have one toe too many, like your ankles are two sizes too large, like the soles are so immovable you can no longer roll through your feet and are reduced to walking like a platypus, just slapping those feet from heel to toe onto the floor in order to get anywhere at all.


What's a girl to do?


christine said...

I hope you find some sneakers that are worthy to take the place of your favorites : )
I'm glad it at least looks like fall in Canada so you're not completely missing it...even if it feels more like winter. Beautiful pictures : )

Mandy and Jack said...

I feel your pain, Jessica!! I can never find shoes that fit just right. I think it's because me feet are too big!!

Jessica Latshaw said...

Christine--I do too...those purple ones could be it, but I am just not sure, you know? In fact, I think I am going to hold off for THE ONES;)

Mandy--even if your feet are "too big," as you say, at least you sound like the most adorable leprechaun that ever did live in Texas!

Michele said...

"Walking like a platypus" hahaha Beautiful fall pictures! Keeping living life to the fullest!

Karenkool said...

I've never had a pair of hightops in my life. I did however just purchase a new pair of runnning shoes (only I will be using them for walking).

You're auditioning again. I feel like I am in the dark. But I haven't been around consistently, so I've missed some things.

Jessica Latshaw said...

congrats on the new sneakers! and I am finished this tour on the 15th of november, so will be at it again with auditioning:)