Friday, October 9, 2009

strider vs. the aurochs

My parents have a mythical beast.

His name is Strider and I really don't think he belongs here.

At least not in the way that refrigerators, computers, and laundry shoots do.

See, once I read a book called The Song of Albion and in it this ancient creature who no longer exists in our world, an aurochs, had wandered from its world through a hole in a cairn into England. And the reason I say this is that Strider kind of reminds me of an aurochs.

Not that I've seen one, but still.

Only an aurochs probably wouldn't sit in my lap in a car.
An aurochs probably understands that he is not a lap dog.
And an aurochs probably doesn't have such a nice goofy, tongue-just-lolling smile.
Or such kissable, whiskery cheeks.
So no, I've never been squished by an aurochs, but I've totally been squished by Strider and I would venture to say that the two probably don't differ all that much.


Jenna Latshaw said...

i love these pics.

Jessica Latshaw said...

I know--he was so funny; he literally thought it was absolutely appropriate just to SIT ON ME. All two thousand pounds of him!!!

James Ricardo The Actor said...

awwwe, I Miss Brewster! I love Strider, he looks so huge in your lap, and so so so loving! AWWWWE!!!!

merry said...

I love Strider too. Also, I love Arwen. I think she is so adorable.

kathiek said...

He's actually big enough for YOU to sit on HIM!

kathiek said...

An auroch is an ancestor of cattle and I imagine you WOULD be squashed if one sat on you as Strider does...somehow, though, I don't think an auroch sitting on you would be as fun as Strider sitting on you seems to be from your pictures!

Anna K said...

He has gotten so big since that puppy we met in DC!
Miss you and hope everything's going well.

Mandy and Jack said...


Mom said...

Ah, Strider! What a wonderful day that was when he stepped into our lives! Honestly, I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't own a Strider!

brianna said...

he's my favorite dog in the whole world.

josh said...

sorry but...laundry chutes...what is a laundry shoot? sounds scary!

Jessica Latshaw said...

lol, yeah--what IS a laundry SHOOT?!?!

Spellcheck can't catch those kinds of mistakes, huh?!!