Sunday, June 29, 2008

sorry, this is random

           This is a five-show weekend.  But, I have already done three, so only have two more to go...And then, blessed Monday!  Who knew Mondays would one day be such a haven for me?  

           I just wrote a song that I felt would have a better vibe on the guitar than the piano.  So, I asked my friend, Clyde, if he would be willing to play the song for me and record it (he both plays the guitar and has protools on his Mac).  He was into it, so we got to work on it today, between shows.  He laid out the guitar track, and was maybe gonna put a bass line down tonight, after the show.  Tomorrow, we'll do vocals.  The song is called Bono for President (it is election year, after all--and people think I am not politically-minded...). I am excited about it and when it is finished, I will put it on my myspace site. Plus, he is going to play the song for me at my gig on Thursday night.  

         Oh, and here is something kind of cool--I met Brian Friedman tonight.  He was a choreographer/judge from the first 2 seasons of one of my favorite shows, So You Think You Can Dance.  He has also choreographed for Brittney Spears, Pink, NSync,and Maya, to name a few.  Recently, he has collaborated with Mia Michaels to start something called the Pulse--a different kind of dance/mentoring convention.  And now, he is working on a reality show in London, for Simon Cowell's production company.  Anyway, he came to the show tonight and we all went out afterwards for Nikki (who plays Cassie) and Anthony's (he plays Richie) birthday.  I met him and talked with him for a while and it was chill.  

    This world is very small and I am very tired and have a 1 o'clock matinee tomorrow.  Ugh.  But, I am grateful for this job...


jason said...

Did Brian Friedman like your dancing? Did you have a card to give him!

KathieK said...

Jess, that is all so cool! Keep us posted on how everything turns out with the song and the gig...and on what comes of your chat with Mr. Friedman!

Jenna said...

It's so cool you got to meet brian friedman! i love him!