Sunday, June 22, 2008

oh, the joys of a natural cooling system

    So, I realize that those of you on the east coast have experienced your own heat wave recently, but I would bet that most of you have AC to temper it.  Well, I am staying at a gorgeous house that was advertised as having a "natural cooling system."  Now by natural, I think what the owner meant was something more like, if you keep the door open you just might get an occasional breeze fluttering through the house, thanks to the Santa Ana winds.  Oh, and keep the doors open long enough and you will also get some bugs. Biting you.  Riding those Santa Ana winds right onto your skin.  So not only will you still be hot, you will now be itchy.  I wonder why she didn't post that on Craig's List?  

   We were a little skeptical about the natural cooling system, but we were assured that the mornings and evenings are cool here in L.A.--and during the afternoon, we can go in the pool. Really, you don't need AC.  Well, guess what?  It has been unprecedentedly HOT here lately. Actually, it has been over 100 degrees these last few days.  And the living room, which is where I sleep, has a wall-sized window that does not open.  Yes, a window that won't open.  Just brilliant.  My two housemates each have a bedroom that is adjacent to a porch---so they can open their respective doors and let the cool night air fill their room.  Conversely, my room has been baking all day long thanks to that brain-child of a window leaving me with no way to ventilate it or allow fresh air in.  It has pretty much become an incubator and really, if I were an egg I would have hatched by now.   

  The last few nights have been almost unbearable.  Last night, at 2 am I walked into Gabby's room and she was like, hot?  I told her yes very emphatically and she told me to come sleep in her bed.  I had warned her that I am a terrible bedfellow--I sleep like I am wrestling and alligator--but she was like, I have a sister who I have slept with a lot.  Don't worry. Turns out, I did try to spoon her a few times, with my leg draped over her for good measure...But, she was a good sport about it.  I don't remember a thing because I was finally a little cooler and so finally sleeping (I wouldn't spoon her while awake, I am pretty sure).   

  My landlord came in today and I asked her if there was anything she could think of to cool off my room at all.  She assured me she would work on it while I was out today.  I came back to find a new fan pointed in the direction of my bed.  Thanks, Donna.  No actually, it does make a difference since it is a pretty big fan.  So once again I am back in my bed.  Hopefully I last through the night in my own room. We'll see.  I guess the moral of this story is that if you are going to go with a natural cooling system, prepare to be very very hot.  


jason said...

Our place doesn't have AC either, but there's a huge difference between Los Feliz and the Palisades... as in... while it's been 100 degrees for you, it's not been any hotter than 79 here!

But the problem is between 5 and 8, the sun comes in through a whole wall that is made of windows and just heats the place and then even when it's cool outside it takes a while to cool down here.

But fortunately my bedroom has trees at each window so it's basically cool all the time.

Jessica Latshaw said...

all I can say is MUST BE NICE...!

Peaj said...

There is a special device that will allow any window to be opened. Guaranteed.

It's called the Large Rock(TM), and I can sell you one (with instructions for use) for $99.95 plus shipping and handling.

jason said...

What exactly is "the natural cooling system"?

Those little vents she put in the cement?

PJ, sounds like a great product, but do you have something to close the window again? Maybe something called Duct Tape(TM)?

Peaj said...

Something named Call Landlord and Claim Innocence(TM).

Jessica Latshaw said...

Peaj--brilliant suggestions, but I may be able to find the Large Rock out here for just a little cheaper. I'll let you know...:-)

And Jase, the natural cooling system is the hole that allows cooler air to come up from the basement. Genius, I know.

Anonymous said...

I was in total shock when I first moved to L.A from Philly and discovered that houses, even really expensive ones, just did not have air conditioning. My dad said something brilliant like "it's California, you don't need it here." I totally sympathize. There is a new kind of stand alone air conditioning unit that unfortunately costs around $400 last time I checked. The price may have come down since then, and it's on wheels. But at least you don't need an open window to stick it in!