Tuesday, June 10, 2008

maybe the quiz gave me the headache

       Tonight, I had a headache throughout the show.  And afterwards (and now, if anyone cares to know).  It wasn't the torment of a migraine, thank God, but it was enough to keep me wanting to take my brain out of my head and pinch it (what? that doesn't sound comforting to you?).  I didn't do that, though--that probably would have been distracting to the audience, not to mention the fact that it could have killed me.  And that would have been sad.  So anyway, I am stuck with this headache.  Advil and some generic brand called No-pain, or something that sounded like a very good idea at the time, hasn't seemed to help much.  My head is just determined to ache, I guess.   

      Oh, but tonight Colt (who plays Al, my on-stage husband) and I were interviewed live on the radio.  I was really quite nervous beforehand, too.  See, I didn't know what to expect.  I don't think I have ever been interviewed before--at least, definitely not on the radio. But I figured there would be questions involved.  And let me tell you something: questions are one of my absolute favorite things.  Asking them, answering them--it doesn't matter, I just love them.  I think it is a Latshaw thing, to be honest.  I always have a question ready, just in case a conversation starts to turn awkward.  Uh-oh, now if I ask you a question you'll think, Jessica must be feeling awkward, here come the questions. But that is not always the case. Just sometimes.  And if a conversation is really bad, well then I jump ship completely and excuse myself for the bathroom (believe me, there are some that not even one of my questions can save. Conversations, that is--not bathrooms.  Actually, let's include bathrooms, too).  

   But, anyway, as long as the questions this guy on the radio (a DJ? is that right?) asks me steer clear of geography and math that involves letters, than I should be fine...Well, the interview begins and we come to find that the DJ loves the show, had been there opening night, and obviously knows his ACL stuff.  Great.  We answer some questions like Why do you think this show has such long legs and still effects people today? And Other than your own number, of course, what is a favorite part of the show? Easy-breezy. No problem.  I even throw around SAT words like symbiotic and collaborative-effort, I'm that smooth.  But then, he starts in on a quiz--literally calls it a quiz.  Gulp.  His first question: How many tony awards did the original Bway show win? Colt and I look at each other blankly and feel like total idiots.  We have no idea--I mean, we know there were a good amount, but...We guess 7.  We were off by 2 (bringing it to a grand total of 9).  Oh well, too bad nobody told us to do our homework.  Too bad we didn't know a pretty important fact about OUR JOB. 

  The next question: Is A Chorus Line the longest running musical? I did know this one--I think.  At least I rattle off an answer confidently enough to negate any arguing and present it as fact as I say, It is the longest running American musical.  Phantom of the Opera has since beaten it, but it is not American.  I think I even ended it with a Go USA (that was for my brother, affectionately known as Joshusa, he's that patriotic, lately). I gotta say, Colt looked very impressed by me when I said that.

  The final question is, A Chorus Line moved from off-Broadway to the Shubert Theater on Broadway in 1975.  How many years did it run at the Shubert?  Colt deftly and generously passes the question on to me (thanks).  Now, I have seen enough game shows to pull out the old, can-you-repeat-the-question? trick.  He repeats it, and a number comes into the forefront of my mind.  I blurt out It closed in...nineteen ninety...And I wait to see if that gets a positive reaction (cause I could always add another number like a 2 or 3 if it isn't, in fact, 1990), and it does get a positive reaction!  I even win 10 points for that one.  But I think it was kind of like Whose Line Is It Anyway? in that nobody really wins and the points don't matter.  But, it mattered to me--I really like to get answers right.  

  Anyway, the interview was a good time.  I enjoy talking--even to strangers (but it certainly did terrify me when I was younger.  And make it an adult stranger? Well, forget it.  I would barely tell them my name, which now that I think about it, is a good thing.  Kids aren't supposed to tell adult strangers their name, right?).   I pretty much liked the whole interview--except the part when the DJ called San Francisco San Franfrisky. I didn't like it because it seemed like too big a digression from the actual word to even be close to a pun.  That, and it made me feel weird.  

   Oh, and maybe the generic meds did help.  My head is better now. A little.         


jason j said...

I like San Franfrisky... its clever enough for me..

Peaj said...

Nah, I agree with Jess. There's more to SanFran than sex, which is what I get out of that "pun". There is the best crab I ever had, for one thing.

Nice job on the quiz. I bet you were charming. Way to lowball on the number of Tonys - it makes the real number sound that much more impressive. Is there a podcast somewhere? If not, can you get the DJ to make one available? You can tell him your fans demand it, or that you need it for your portfolio.

ClaudiaC said...

Jessica, I know you sounded great on the radio talk show! I love to hear you talk because you voice is sweet (friendly and pleasant) and you always sound sincere.

I've been to San Fran before in 1979! A very long time ago! I absolutely loved it; it was so picturesque with the hilly streets and the Pacific Ocean in the background!! Beautiful!

Jessica Latshaw said...

I am not sure about the podcast--but I am gonna try to find out!

min said...

Way to go jess! A live quiz is serious pressure...