Saturday, June 21, 2008

My Night at the Vermont

      As requested (thank you for the kind words, Les!), I am going to write a little bit about my time spent at the Vermont's open mic night this past Monday.  First of all, let me say that it was certainly a more refined crowd than I had met at the Rainbow the previous week.  Also, there was a piano already there, which saved me the trouble of lugging around Darby's keyboard (but thanks, darb, for letting me borrow it!).  Again, Gabby played the role of my stage mom and was kind enough to go with me.  Unfortunately, we got in a little late so I was pretty far down on the list to play.  

   As soon as we walked in, a gentleman started openly staring at us.  I am pretty good at ignoring this kind of thing, though, so I simply dismissed it.  However, he walked up to us before too long and told us he recognized us from A Chorus Line.  Turns out he loved the show, which is nice.  Actually, he said he started sobbing at the beginning and could not stop until the end.  Wow--that was very passionate of him (and maybe a little distracting to his fellow-audience members, but hey, at least he liked the show).  Anyway, we sat down to enjoy some music.  Now, as opposed to the wooden-attic-motif of the Rainbow, this was an elegant, Italian-looking establishment.  People quietly sipped their wine and many of the patrons were an established part of the musical theatre crowd.  I mean, they certainly knew the difference between their head voice and their chest voice.  It turns out that we were sitting next to one gentleman who had done one of the national tours of A Chorus Line when it was on Broadway the first time around.  Well, we had to introduce ourselves (since A Chorus Line really is one big family).  His friend then pulled some strings for me and got me to play earlier than I should have...It's nice to be seated next to the movers and shakers of the world, let me tell you.  

   There was a great mix of performers--opera, musical theater, gospel, folk, singer-songwriter, pop, boy band-esque--it was all there.  And thank God, no comics...I played two songs and they were received well.  I honestly love to play my music, and am happy to play it for anyone kind enough to listen.  I must say there was one other guy who accompanied himself on the piano.  I am a sucker for anyone who plays and sings, but this guy was especially captivating.  He played some gospel, so the chords were soft and a little bluesy as they moved through the melody.His voice soared as it encouraged all of us to hold on just a little bit longer--and let's be honest, who doesn't need to hear that?  

   Afterwards, I exchanged some information with the sobbing guy--I guess he writes something for t.v.--or aspires to, anyway--and indicated that he wanted it.  I have no card (I know, I know, Jase--I need one!), so wrote my email address on the back of Gabby's card.  Also, a guy came up to me and said some kind words about my voice but was overall a little too close for comfort, if you know what I mean.  Really, saying good-bye should be quite simple; it does not ever need to involve a caress down the back, and I'd rather it didn't thank you very much.  So in all, the Vermont was really a lovely experience with a lot of talent all around.  

   Oh, and I gotta share this one pick-up line with you that I had the pleasure of hearing tonight, it was that good...Gabby and I were driving up to the valet parking lot for a Mexican restaurant at which we were hoping to eat.  Well, I roll down my window only to have the valet tell me it's closed.  Shoot, we really wanted Mexican tonight.  So, I ask him if he knows of any other Mexican restaurants in the area still serving.  He looks at me, leans in a little closer as he gestures to both he and his fellow valet and says, We're Mexican--why don't you eat us?   Oh.  Um, huh.  I told him that I really wasn't into eating humans...

   We never did find a Mexican restaurant to eat in, but since I am in L.A, I am pretty confident I will get my Mexican meal before too long.  


Peaj said...

Those bad mans! Smack them next time!

jason said...

Are you going to do it again this Monday? Maybe I would watch!