Thursday, May 22, 2008


       It is evening.  I love this time of my day--I have for as long as I can remember, or at least for as long as I have been able to read and write.  See, nighttime has always been just for me. Private and comforting in its ritual.  There are things that I just always get to do do at night--and all the clamor and the busyness that have been getting my attention during the day are put to bed till tomorrow, where they can once again keep me busy.  But not now. Now, I have a full night of sleep between me and any work I must do, any show I must perform.  And there is comfort in this.  I can write in my journal without a deadline of somewhere I have to be in 5 minutes, 30 minutes--an hour, even.  I can get lost in a story, curled up around the pages of some book that tells secrets I can't wait to hear.  I can fall asleep praying (uh-oh, you think, so it's prayer that puts her to sleep; how spiritual can she be if a book keeps her awake and prayer puts her to sleep?!).  I can think about Drew, go over our memories like a mother lovingly sorting out a child's outgrown clothing.  And here, I can look out the window--a window with glass so thin there appears to be no difference between where I am and the night sky.  I think I really love the late evening because there is no rush.  No to-do list to check off. Just a sense of freedom and of time being...generous and infinite and mine for the taking.  

       The house I am subletting is being split between three of us from ACL and a group of European skateboarders. We have the upstairs and they have the downstairs-though, we share the pool and the grounds.  I say this because presently there is an herbal (of sorts) smell wafting up from downstairs.  I think after a hard day of skating, these gentlemen unwind with something that rhymes with hot. Though, I am no expert, that's for sure.  However, I think it may be safe to say these guys enjoy the nighttime, too...
      Tonight we had our first preview here in LA.  A preview is basically the same thing as a performance--the difference is the press cannot critique it yet because we are not officially open.  But anybody can buy tickets and tonight the house was packed.  I knew for sure that I was in LA when I couldn't help but notice two gentlemen in the front row--both with shades on. And one was looking pretty swank, what with his mohawk and mint green suit.   The rumor going around the cast right now is that Julia Roberts and Perez Hilton will be attending our opening night (not together).  I am not holding my breath--but will certainly let you know if this is true.  Jenna, my sister, has begged me to get a picture with each of them, which I will try to do...But since I have no camera, this may prove difficult.  Perhaps they will pause for a quick sketch?  Oh, and Jason, my brother is attending my opening night and coming to the after party with me, so that should be fun.  
     Well, it is late. I am tired.  You are tired (I assume).  Have a lovely night. My opening night is tomorrow, so I will let you know how it goes.  


jason j said...

I have been told that 'hot' smells like oregano when you bake it in an oven. At least thats what all the stoners at the Pizza Place I used to work at told me. I always took their word for it, because I haven't cooked oregano in an oven before.

Jason said...

To me, "hot" smells like skunk cabbage when smoked. And I love the smell of skunk. But I have not ever inhaled that demon weed, don't worry.

Seems like some of our neighbors are fond of it as well.