Thursday, May 29, 2008

2 out of 3 ain't bad

     Tonight my body hurts.  I'll just say it really quick, so I won't have to say it again, but my gluteous medius is tender to the touch (so you can imagine how it feels when I am dancing).  Oh, and then there is my left achilles tendon that is acting up. Again.  And let's not forget the very top of my right hamstring--cause it's not letting me forget about it.  Good thing there are three ice packs in this house, cause they are all in demand right now--sadly, just from me.  I kind of feel like my body is betraying me, but I'll be ok.  I always am.  It's part of dancing.  And it helps to remember when it didn't hurt so much,  cause I know I'll get there again.  I am just hoping for that sooner rather than later.  

     Anyway, my housemates (Jessica Woo--who we just call Woo--and Gabby--pronounced, Gobby) and I were talking today and Woo mentioned the sentiment that people are looking for three things to reach maximum fulfillment in life: a relationship, a career, and a home.  Part of that same sentiment is the idea that most only ever find 1-2 out of the 3, but almost never 3 at the same time.  Huh.
     That got me to thinking about my situation.  And my first thought (being the competitor and perfectionist that I am) was, Well, I am gonna have all three. At the same time--you just watch. But then I realized, I haven't really had all three since becoming an adult.  Yes, I have a fulfilling relationship--especially when I am home to share my everyday with Drew.  It is still fulfilling when I am on the road, but let's be honest, it is not ideal.  Also, I absolutely love my home in Delaware.  I love our townhouse, and the designs that we have put into it.  I love that I can call up my sister and she can be at my house playing nertz and listening to the Dixie Chicks with me in ten minutes.  I love that I am just a short drive away from most of my nieces and nephews, my brothers and sisters-in-law, and my parents and closest friends.  I adore my church and the people that make it the loving and nurturing place that it is.  However, I have never had a truly fulfilling job while enjoying my home and my relationship fully with Drew. And when I have a dream job, my home and relationship are sacrificed.  So not only have I never had all 3, I am pretty much the poster child for that 2 out of 3 sentiment!  
   But, I know it's not gonna be like this forever.  I am going to have all 3...I hope, I pray.  And thank God that I do not have a husband who makes me choose, or friends and family who allow my home to grow too cold or distant when I am not there.  They keep it close.  They keep me close.  
  So here's to beating those odds. Someday.  


jason said...

you should get a massage! and no I'm not offering one.

KathieK said...

If only your show was in Anchorage, AK, my brother is a certified massage therapist! Oh wait, he's in Brazil right now. Maybe you could fly Merry in (haha)!

Mom said...

AWWWW! I'm sorry about all your hurts! Keep icing!

Your reviews have been great, Jess! People really like your rendition of your character! Congrats!

Are you going to be celebrating your BD with Jason & Darbs?

jason said...

We'll hopefully do something fun for her birthday!

Jessica, I'm mostly leaving another comment for you in honor of the fact that you are the best commenter around, you leave them on everybody's blogs!

Jessica Latshaw said...

haha--I try! Glad to see you appreciate it!

jason said...

One other thing, and I'm sure you know this... but do you stretch A LOT before you dance every time? I've found that I really pay for it if I don't stretch now before I play basketball, and I used to never really have to. And it's not like I'm 30 years older than you or anything.

Jessica Latshaw said...

I do stretch a lot before dancing--but what my physical therapist has told me is that I need to start stretching a lot after the show too...Ugh...So, more homework. I have been better at doing this, but not great--it's difficult when we go out after the show and don't get home till late cause all I want to do is go to bed. Not stretch. But, I will keep working on it! Oh, and I have gotten better at icing, so that is good.