Tuesday, May 27, 2008

a beautiful monday

    Sometimes I am astounded by the beauty of this life.  And in those rare moments, I am content.  I am not looking for an escape; I am just happy to witness this world.  

    My heart is so full. This is partly because I am laying in my bed and just saw a falling star from one of the huge windows that look out over Los Angeles.  It was like the universe had something to say and I happened to be the one lucky enough to hear it, to witness it.  It was special.   

   The other part was that our house was filled with wonderful people all afternoon.  Since today was Memorial Day as well as a day off for our cast, we opened up our home for a party.  And so almost the whole cast came over and shared time and food and conversation.  We grilled meat over our outdoor fireplace (and by we I mean two hardworking guys from the cast). We swam in our pool (that was very cold) and actually slid down a slide into it over and over again (I actually did this--despite the cold. I was very proud of myself, being the only girl to go in--you should be proud of me too).   We had some guests that were not from the cast, but still welcome, of course: Perez Hilton, a guy whose name escapes me from the Tonight Show, a casting director from Desperate Housewives (again, his name escapes me), and Diane Warren (she's written lots of songs for people like Barbara Streisand and Bette Midler).  Yeah--so that was interesting.  They were polite, and the casting director from DH was downright friendly. Something very nice was that Jase, Darb, and the kids got to come, too.  So my very special family got to meet my very special friends.  It was like two good worlds colliding and making something even better.  They all hit it off, and Darby told me that she is not worried cause she knows I am in good hands.   
     Oh, and I won my first arm-wrestling match ever.  How I found myself to be arm-wrestling is a little bit of a story, but it had something to do with me trying to prove that I am not underweight (Wii Fitness said I was--and a friend happened to agree, so I set out to prove her wrong).  We were actually very evenly matched, Emily and I, but I did win.  It was exciting.  I am a competitor by nature and I do so love to win...But now I wonder if my arm will be sore tomorrow.  Oh, well--most wins come at some kind of price, right?
      So, yes, this day was amazing.  I am grateful.  I feel happy and I feel like God is probably happy as well.  


jason said...


It was a lot of fun, they are great people.

Nice paragraph breaks!

peaj said...

First, we are proud of you. Especially since you brave cold water for no apparent reason ("because it's there", I guess).

Second, let us know when you are on Desperate Housewives - because, of course, we know that anyone who meets you immediately says to themselves "I gotta work with this woman." So let us know.

Third, even though this is your blog, I gotta say "DARBY!!" It's kind of like a drinking game, ya know.

OK, now that I am done cracking wise - I'm glad that you have some wonderful people around, from two worlds, no less. I'm glad you are happy. I'm glad that you feel God is happy. I'm just glad when you are doing well, I guess.

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks, Peaj! Though I don't think I am gonna be on Desperate Housewives any time soon...And Jase--I didn't really know what to say about those people on this blog...You're right, though--"polite" probably wasn't the right choice.

KathieK said...

It's so great that you are able to share this experience with at least some of your family, Jess! And how thoughtful of God to have your tour start where you have some family! I'm happy you had such an amazing day. Don't worry about your word choice...maybe there was a better word, but polite is important, too...rude people could ruin an otherwise amazing day!:)

Anonymous said...

wow how cool is it for an amazing singer/songwriter like yourself to meet Diane Warren? I have talent in neither area, and I would love to meet her.