Saturday, May 24, 2008

My dressing room

       I don't have a whole lot to say...But, we'll see--it usually doesn't take me too long to find something to talk about...I can tell you that I have my own dressing room at the Ahmanson Theater.  It has my name on it and everything.  Not everybody in the cast has their own dressing room, so I feel grateful.  But the best thing about having my own dressing room, is that I have two special friends who come and visit me everyday (Ian and John).  We stretch together, talk about the day, and Ian generally uses my hairspray and sometimes my makeup (not much, though, considering he is a boy).  Lately, Ian has been kind enough to cover my aforementioned and unfortunate tan-lines with his own genius concoction of foundation, blush, and bronzer.  He works hard until it is just right and the audience is none-the-wiser when it comes to the color (or colors, currently) of my skin.  Yesterday, Ian and John were helping me pick out the right accessories to go with my opening night dress, and so I tried it on for them.  The dress was not quite long enough to cover a hideous bruise that I have on my leg (people are under the assumption that just because one can dance, one must be able to avoid running into inanimate objects.  Yeah, this is not always the case, which can result in hideous bruises).  John said, and I quote, You can not go out there with those gorgeous legs and that  **** bruise on one.  After explaining to him that I can't do anything about it--I simply have a bruise--he went on to tell me to cover it. That's what makeup is for.  So, Ian (my apparent makeup artist) went right to work and did a fine job, I must say.  Nobody mentioned the bruise at the opening night party.  It may have helped that the lighting was very dim, but I prefer to think it was John's good idea and Ian's hard work that saved that bruise from being shamefully noticeable.  Anyway, I like my dressing room and I like the people who visit me in it.  It's fun to have something of your own (in this case, a dressing room), because then you can share it.  


Lindsay said...

Hey Jessica! I just caught up on your blog again! So fun to read about your opening night! Oh my goodness! I can't even imagine the feeling in your heart right before the curtain opened. I am glad that you are getting to write on the blog for us all to have a glimpse into this part of your life.

Jessica Latshaw said...

thanks, Linsday--and i enjoy reading about the amazing stuff you guys are doing in Africa! Just a little different from my life in LA right now:-)

laura said...

What fun guys to have around. I wish Chris knew how to put makeup I don't.