Saturday, March 7, 2009

two shows and lots of fishies

    These days have been jam packed full of sisterly fun.

     And today was no different, with a two-show day and a trip to the aquarium squeezed in between. Not bad for a Saturday, I think.

    Here we are in the Ocean Voyager exhibit. Of course I had to show off my go-go-gadget-arm skills and snap a pic.

   And I sat down for a moment in a very large...oyster? clam? 
  Whatever it was, it gave my feet a much-needed break. After my jaunt on the stage in the ever-present heels and the mile walk to the aquarium, I was ready to take a load off.

   And the...large, shelled, oceanic creature was just the thing.

   Oh. And here is a piranha. Actually, a few of them, but we tried to really zero in on the one who had an unfortunate tumor of some sort that kept him from closing his mouth all the way.
We were torn between laughing and feeling sorry for the little guy. So we did both--and got a picture of his ugly little mug for documentation purposes.
   And this photo is almost completely for my brother Jason. He is so transfixed and fascinated by predators that whenever I see one I inevitably think of him. 

   So here you go, Jase; this gator's for you!
  And this picture of the beluga whale makes me laugh because it looks more like we are suspended in outer space and he is an alien making his way towards me.
  Or maybe my parents' have subjected me to one too many Startrek films.

   Actually, watching any Startrek flick is watching one too many, if you ask me (sorry, mom and pop!).

   And me and Jenna were really grateful that these Japanese Spider Crabs were behind glass. Though even with that guarantee I still felt the need to assume a defensive posture. You know, just in case.
  And look, WHALE SHARKS!!!
   *please insert undocumented parts of the day which include walking what felt like miles to find the MARTA station, my sister and I being stared at quite openly by a creeper who somehow managed to pull out a bottle of gin, take a pull from it, and not brake his stare, doing another show in heels that did not feel like they were made for walking, standing, or even dancing, for that matter, and then meeting Elton John's personal assistant who has seen ACL 50 times and loved watching our cast, or so he said*

   And then after the show, sharing dessert at the Melting Pot.
     Pretty darned delicious.


kathiek said...

Awesome day, love the pictures, especially the chocolate fondue...mmm-mmm!!

Do you fly home with Jenna tomorrow (actually, it's today, isn't it)? It will be great to hear you sing again (as yourself, that is ;-])!

Jessica Latshaw said...

No--I wish we were! We should have coordinated a little better, but she is taking an earlier flight while I am taking the last one home since I have two shows.

kathiek said...

Wow...that will be a long day for you! I hope you will be able to rest! What time are you supposed to get in?

Jessica Latshaw said...


beingawesome said...

..ahhh the melting pot..

yes.. bring the yum.

jdiggity said...

im sure it was delish, but the picture of the desert is NASTY...looks disgusting...

peaj said...

Love the face that you are making for whale sharks. Made me laugh. (I guess I'm easily amused.)

It is so great that Jenna comes see you so you can get some sister time when you are traveling to far away places.

Michele said...

Keep living life to the fullest Jess!

Natalie said...

You're either somewhere near getting called to places right now, or you're almost an hour into the show. I realized this as I started typing.

I'm glad you survived your faceoff with the Japanese spider crab-thing!

Have a good last night in Atlanta before you de-plane at midnight!

David said...

I feel like I'm intruding in your family/friend network...but, since I "appeared" a couple days ago, I wanted to comment once more. I brought my daughter, her husband, his parents, my wife and a couple friends to the Saturday matinee. First time for everyone but my wife and I (#4 for me). Your performance, along with the super talented ensemble, reaffirmed my contention that, personally, A Chorus Line is my very favorite piece of musical theatre! And I have seen many. Just after "I hope I get it" started, I leaned over and whispered in my wife's ear..."I love this show." Major kudos to you and the group! And it sounds like you had a good time in our city and I hope your sis did too. Can't believe you squeezed the Aquarium in between shows. Travel safely and hurry back.

Jason said...

As soon as I read your comment about "one Star Trek (they are two words, Jessica) movie too many" I was so excited to write, "Haha, one Star Trek movie IS one Star Trek movie too many!" and then I saw you made the exact same joke in the next paragraph.

I think it's awesome you saw a Whale Shark, though it didn't look that big... how big was it? And the gator was very cool, of course.

David - none of us know or are related to Jessica, we just feel sorry for her and her obvious loneliness so we pretend to be her network of support. You can surely join the charade if you wish.

Mom said...

Ah, it's certainly come to a sad day when I realize that my kids have grown up & don't love star trek!!!! Where did we go wrong!

Jessica Latshaw said...

David--no intrusion, promise! If you find it interesting, please come on in!!!

Especially when you have such encouraging things to say;-)

David said...

Jessica--and Jason...thanks for the invitation and I may very well throw my 2 cents in from time to time.