Thursday, August 14, 2008

welcome to the family, I guess

                  My dressing room is quite full this week.  There are four of us, all with very different personalities.  Oh--and did I mention that I am the only human inhabitant?  Yeah, let me back up a bit. 

                See, all of the other cast members--at least, the female cast members--have their stations surrounded by sweet mementoes from home.  This includes pictures of significant others, friends and family, a lucky something-or-other, maybe some flowers sent from an admirer, etc., etc.  What is at my station, you may wonder?  Well, not one picture, I am sad to say.  Not a pretty bauble, a hallmark-anything, or any kind of sentimental reminder.  Well, actually, there is something--or I should say, somethings.  What I do have is a motley crew of...animals.  They travel with me to every theater, and today our little group got an addition in the form of him:

        His name is Bruce.  It's gotta be, I think.  Yes, after the movie and yes, after my pop.  Oh and yes, he could definitely use some extensive dental work.  When I got to the theater today, Ian threw him at me like a football and I caught him before he could bite my face off.  Luckily, as Ian was quick to point out, I was fine because I was in my element (air) and he was most definitely not in his element (water).  I don't think I will be accompanying him in the water anytime soon.  

      Anyway, Bruce joined Pinkberry (the uh, pink bear--named after a delicious yogurt place here in CA--and given to me with a bouquet of flowers on my opening night from Drew; she just plays with my make-up the whole time I'm on stage) and Buell (the brown bear, given to me by Emily on opening night; he's pretty lazy (notice how he just lounges on his side and refuses to get up), but I still love him. I think Pinkberry has a crush on him (thus, all the make-up), but Buell sleeps most of the time and doesn't seem to even notice her if you do happen to catch him in a rare moment of awakeness--it's a sad case of unrequited love, I think).  

            So, here's the group of them.  They look pretty happy here--I think it's because I told them that if the pic turned out well, they just might get a spot on my blog.  The already vain Pinkberry is gonna get even more vain when she finds out about this---and she'll probably belabor the fact that she hadn't put on my lipstick yet when this was taken.  Oh well, it's good for her.  

     So there you have it--the whole family, so to speak.

   After the show, Drew and I went on a date to this swanky restaurant in downtown San Diego. It was the kind of place where the bathroom has a lady who, as soon as you leave the stall and walk up to the sink, squirts soap into your hands (as if you can't do that yourself).  And then when you finish rinsing, she quickly hands you a towel to dry (again--I am well able to dry my hands, have been for some time now, thank you).  It's awkward.  Also, the sink was lined with make-up, which in my mind, means that it was lined with other people's eye, skin, and lip germs and diseases.  Yuck.  But, here was the nice thing: there was candy and gum in huge amounts, just yours for the taking.  So I quickly took some gum (all the while grateful that the lady didn't unwrap it and pop it into my mouth for me) and walked out.  I had no money to tip her, which made me feel bad cause I wanted to.  What a weird job--to just wait in a bathroom for women to do God knows what and then squirt soap on their hands and give them towels, just over and over again.  She deserved a tip, for sure.    

            I was a little under dressed for the club in my black beater, jeans, and high tops, but that's okay.  Oh, and we were firmly made fun of for being from DE by the bouncer.  Ha ha ha ha, we are from a small state.  Hilarious, I know.  Hee hee hee, we laugh politely as we confirm the fact that it is, indeed, a state.  I'm terrible at geography and even I know that. Geez.

          Well, Drew is watching a National Geographic special on Noah's Ark on his computer (yawn).  And he is captivated (amazing).  We are very different, Drew and I.  But alike where it matters, and respectful where it doesn't as much.  Bottom line, I like it when he's next to me, National Geographic special and all.  


Mom said...

Cute family....but do you need some hardcopy pics of the family?

Peaj said...

Thanks for introducing us to your fam. Very nice. But watch your finger - he'll bite it clean off! I love your mock-serious face in that picture - pretty funny.

Whenever anyone makes fun of Delaware, I just remind them that 50% of all US corporations are incorporated in Delaware. So we may be small, but we got your money, hah!

It's funny, I'd love to watch Noah's Ark with Drew and Civil War with you.

kathiek said...

I love the shark! I love that your animals have names. I also name mine. John had to travel to Princeton for work a while ago and he brought back a stuffed tiger for Brooklyn, which I named "Prince Tony the Tiger". She loves Prince Tony! She will grab him, wrap her arms around him and roll on the floor with him, burrowing her face in his fur, then she will put his tail, ear, or paw in her mouth and try to crawl or walk with him hanging out of her mouth. It is priceless!

I am glad you mentioned the gum was wrapped because, eww...urine mints!!

Of course the bouncer let you in, Jess; only you could pull off a black beater, jeans, and high tops and look tres chic!!

Isn't it so funny when people say, "DelaWHERE"? So very original, I never heard THAT one before!! :-P

I'm with Peaj, I would watch Noah's Ark and Civil war shows.

min said...

i am really happy for you Jess... to have Drew next to you must be so comforting... I know it would be really hard to be away from Joe!!! It is by grace you guys are able to do this... love ya, min

Jessica Latshaw said...

yes, mom--I would LOVE some hardcopy pics!

Why--what made you think of that?;-)